Google Ads Update Gives More Control To Advertisers

Google ads

Google Ads has recently launched two new features to provide advertisers with more control over where their ads appear. These features aim to help advertisers guide Google AI and control where their ads appear. This will help to ensure that their brand guidelines are met. The two new options

  1. Brand restrictions for broad match keywords in Search campaigns
  2. Brand exclusions in Performance Max campaigns.

Google Ads

Brand Restrictions In Search Campaigns

Broad keyword match types paired with Google’s Smart Bidding algorithms can help ads reach a relevant audience and generate conversions. However, some advertisers struggle to use broad matches for their brand name campaigns. It is good to do this in order to avoid non-brand-related traffic and clicks. To assist ads, Google is launched brand keyword restrictions for broad matches globally.

This feature will allow those that place ads to set brand terms as broad match keywords. However, they will restrict them only to show ads for searches that include the brand name. This enables the ads to reach more people and improve performance while meeting brand guidelines.

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Brand Exclusions In Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max campaigns are goal-based, AI-powered campaigns. They allow those that place ads to access Ads channels and details from a single campaign. With the new brand exclusions feature, they can now exclude their brand terms from Performance Max campaigns. This feature ensures that the users who are already familiar with the brands do not get to frequently see the ads. It allows the ad placers to reach new people and make the best use of the ad.

Benefits Of The New Features

The new brand controls for Search and Performance Max campaigns provide advertisers with several benefits, including:

  • More control over where their ads appear
  • Improved ad performance
  • Meeting brand guidelines
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Maximizing conversions

Final Words

Google Ads’ new brand controls for Search and Performance Max campaigns are a step in the right direction. It gives brands that place ads more options and control over where their ads will appear. This ensures that the brands do not breach their guidelines. These features aim to help advertisers guide Google AI and control where their ads appear, improving ad performance and maximizing conversions. With these new features, advertisers can reach new audiences and ensure that their marketing budgets count.

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