Top 3 new additions to the Google Ads dashboard

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Google Ads is testing new designs to better structure and make it easier to locate info in reaction to user comments. There are several complaints that the current ads dashboard can be confusing and difficult for beginners. At the moment, only a few users can try out the new features of the Google Ads dashboard. The top three changes in the dashboard are

  1. A new navigation menu
  2. Reorganized interface
  3. A refreshed look and feel

Google Ads dashboard

Details of the new features of the Google Ads dashboard

1. A fresh navigation menu

Instead of the three menus that are now available, the new layout gives users access to all of Google Ads’ tools and features from a single, better-ordered menu. According to Google, this feature should make it easier for you to find where you need to go and monitor your location within the user interface. In addition, a “Create” button has been added. This makes it easier to create ads and ad groups by selecting the “plus” button that is easily accessible in one place.

2. Reorganized interface

The tools and features have been reorganized to make them simpler to find by grouping similar duties together. This may take some time to adjust to. In specific, two new categories have been added to point out the vital elements that make up a successful campaign. It’s important to note that neither the platform’s tools nor features were impacted by the changes. Also, the company did not remove any features.

Check out the two new navigation groups below:

Goals: Goals have been highlighted in the navigation to reinforce their significance. Goals and conversion metrics are combined into one place in the new menu area.

Audiences, keywords, and content: Audiences, keywords, and content is a newly added menu area that mixes the resources used to decide who you want to contact and how to do so. This includes Search Keywords, Audiences, Locations, and Content.

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The other tools that help you decide who views the ads are now together with search keywords. Also, the new design merges Campaigns, Assets, Tools, Insights and Reports. They also come with other changes to the four menu sections. Hotels, events, and goods that advertisers use in standard Shopping and Hotel ads are now under the Assets area. As always, you can find any website by conducting a Google Ads search for it.

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Google Ads

3. A refreshed feel and look

The new UI now comes with more empty spaces. These spaces will offer a workspace that is less distracting. In addition, Google Sans, which is bigger and has a better readability rating, has replaced Roboto as the font. It also adds a blue highlight to underscore the present position within the user experience. Also, the menu also comes with stylish new symbols.

Why it matters to us: The redesigns should offer a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that is custom to satisfy marketers’ demands. The new design, according to Google, is more ordered, has grouped tools and features that are simpler to find, and provides a more reliable and dependable browsing experience.

Here are some possible downsides

The new structure and features may be difficult for advertisers using the current interface. This could at the moment slow down their productivity and result in a learning curve. In the short term, this might lead to a drop in output and efficiency.

Secondly, some marketers may have developed bespoke processes or automated scripts based on the previous interface, which could break or require a change in the new interface. The updating or re-creation of these processes might result in extra expenses and delays.

Last but not least, despite Google’s assurance that Google Ads’ usefulness and features won’t change, there might be some unintended flaws or glitches that affect the effectiveness of campaigns.

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