Google Simplifies Repairs for Google Pixel Phones

Google Pixel repair update

Google has launched a new feature for the Google Pixel phones. This new addition aims to make repairs a bit simpler and more manageable for everyone. Specifically, the devices are getting a new Diagnostic App and repair manuals.

This move towards easier repair aligns with the brandā€™s approach to making the new Google Pixel devices sustainable in the long run. For those unaware, Google has promised to deliver seven years of hardware and software support for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Google has also partnered with iFixit back in 2022, which aims to make Pixel phone repairs less complex than they have to be. And with the newly launched features, Google is making repairs even simpler.

More About the Repair Process and Pixel Diagnostic App for Google Pixel Devices

The new Pixel Diagnostic app does pretty much what its name implies. With this app, you can check your Google Pixel for issues. It can come in handy before you attempt to repair the phone for a particular problem, as it will make it easier to focus on the right issue.

iFixit partnership

Moreover, the Google Pixel Diagnostic app can also be very useful after phone repairs. It will help to make sure that the repair is successful and that the device runs as it should. You can launch the app by dialing *#7287#*# on the dialer. But make sure that youā€™re connected to the internet before opening the app.


Google has also updated the official Help page. It now offers more instructions and resources than before. Thanks to this, with some technical knowledge, you can successfully repair your own problem. The page also offers info on how to find the right parts for Pixel devices, purchase the tools required, and view repair manuals.

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On the note of repair manuals, Google has redesigned them to make it easy to repair your Pixel phone. While the Help page may not have all the repair manuals for all the devices now, Google has promised to upload more in the coming months.

Google Has Made More Efforts to Make Repairs Easy

In addition to launching a new app and repair manuals, Google has partnered with many independent repair providers. With this partnership, Google Pixel users can get support from more than 700 different locations in the US. The good news is that the users donā€™t even need to have a valid warranty status to get repair services from them.

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Repair Google Pixel

Google has also announced that repair tools and fixtures will be easily available through partners. It has partnered with iFixit to make genuine replacement parts easy to access. And for the tools and fixtures, Google has shook hands with Shyft Global Services.

Your Data on Google Pixel Will be Safe Even If You Donā€™t DIY Repair It

Just recently, Google has taken another big step to make phone repairs more manageable. In case you have missed it, Google Pixel devices now have a dedicated repair mode. It is designed to protect your data when you hand the device to a repair service point.

Android Repair Mode

Called Repair Mode, it prevents access to files and other sensitive data while allowing the repair professionals to test out the functionalities. You can easily turn it on. And to turn it off, it requires your biometric data, security pin, or pattern. Check our previous coverage on this mode through this link to learn more.

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