Google Pixel Fold Durability Test: A Total Disaster!

Google recently released its much-awaited foldable smartphone which is the Pixel Fold. The company has widely advertised the Pixel Fold as having the strongest hinge on any foldable device. However, such a bold claim has just turned out to be a bluff. This is because the Pixel Fold was unable to pass a durability test. Other foldable devices from companies like Huawei and Samsung have also gone through a similar test and made it out alive. In the case of the Pixel Fold, we cannot make the same claims.

The Pixel Fold is Google’s first attempt at a foldable phone. The device feels very solid in the palm with a very steady hinge. However, the steady hinge was not able to hold the phone together during difficult times. As a matter of fact, the device almost snapped in half during the test.

Google Pixel Fold Durability Test Procedure Pixel Fold Durability Test

JerryRigEverything, a popular YouTube content creator who is widely known for testing the durability of smartphones performed his usual test on the Google Pixel Fold today. He started the test with a scratch resistant test on both outer and inner screen. Next was the fire test which he performs to see how the screens stand against heat. Interestingly, the Pixel Fold automatically turn off after 8 seconds of being exposed to fire. The device refused to turn back on for a few minutes until it cooled down. It gave an alert on the screen explaining that it turned off due to exposure to heat.

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The next test was what he usually calls ‘dust torture’. Unsurprisingly, the strong hinge held up solid during this test as well. None of the dusts were able to find their way into the hinge. The device still closed and opened smoothly without any problem. The Google Pixel Fold was able to survive all the initial tests until it got to the bend test which is the final test. Pixel Fold Durability Test

Unfortunately, the Pixel Fold failed at this point of the test. When the device was bent to the opposite direction, the frame gave up. The device gave way around the antenna lines which led to the device breaking into half. Even though the hinge held up strongly, the rest of the phone broke down easily with the screen breaking almost immediately. Also, the fold could not be folded back to normal due to the excessive damage.


It’s quite sad to see the Google Pixel Fold fail at this particular test. Especially considering the fact that other foldable brands in the same price range surviving the same kind of torture. As the company’s first foldable, this will go the long way to help them decide exactly where to put in more work in their next edition.

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