Switch 2 Dev Kit Might Be Already Sent To Studios

Nintendo Switch 2

The news about the yet-to-come Switch 2 / Switch Pro has created a buzz in the IT world. Typically, we approach rumors and leaks with skepticism. However, this time seems different. The information comes from a Spanish studio. It states that the studios already have the updated Switch 2 dev kit. If this is the case, it seems obvious that Nintendo will unveil the Switch’s replacement soon, maybe in July.

Is Switch 2 in the final phase?

According to Nash Weedle, the Switch 2 dev kit is in the hands of a Spanish video game company. We think it is the Madrid-based MercurySteam. However, it should be treated with caution, as neither the studio nor a dev kit has received official confirmation. On the other hand, this is logical. We mean as soon as they do, they will lose their relationship with Nintendo and breach their contractual obligations. So do not expect a formal statement at the moment.

By the way, Nash Weedle has a history of accurately predicting Nintendo secrets, including the release of Metroid Dread. So this is a reliable source, at least for us. Also, MercuryStream developed Metroid Dread. Can you make the connection?

Nash Weedle’s claims were backed up by a YouTuber called Behind the Games, who posted a video supporting him.

Other sources

The third source is Doctre81, who often scours the internet for clues about the Switch’s replacement that may have escaped the notice of most people. Even though it is only available to My Best Buy Plus/Total members, the intriguing “buy two Switch games, get the content producer has discussed the third one free” deal that Best Buy is now offering. According to this source, Best Buy may be deliberately clearing its shelves in anticipation of a major Nintendo-related event. At the moment, there’s not much bigger than the release of the next-generation Switch.

The popular SwitchForce channel recently discussed Nash Weedle’s tweet, suggesting that a Switch 2 announcement could be in the works for July. Well-known games commentator Jeff Grubb has heard rumors of some Nintendo Direct event in July. However, it’s worth noting that development kits are often distributed long before a console’s official release. For example, there have been rumors of a Nintendo Switch 4K system in September 2021, and PlayStation 5 development kits first appeared in leaked photos more than a year before the PS5 was released.

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Nintendo holds us down

In addition to this, we decided to do research and discovered some official announcements that made references to the future Switch 2 and its features. The power of Nintendo’s next system may have been revealed by Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, who was referenced in an email to Nintendo President Shunturo Furukawa during last week’s Microsoft vs. FTC hearing. According to the email, the Nintendo Switch’s replacement would reportedly perform “more in line with eighth-generation hardware.” For those who are unaware, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are in the eighth generation.

“Given the closer alignment of Gen 8 platforms and our previous offerings on PS4 and Xbox One, it’s reasonable to assume we can make something compelling for NG [next-gen] Switch as well.”

It’s unclear from Kotick’s other remarks whether he was revealing information on the Nintendo Switch 2 here.

“I think we would consider [putting Call of Duty on the Switch’s successor] once we had the specs, but we don’t have any at present.”

Furthermore, in a newly uploaded transcript of the Q&A session at Nintendo’s recent shareholders’ meeting, Furukawa stated that Nintendo’s next-generation console, the successor to the Switch, will use the same Nintendo Account system that is now in use on the Switch.

According to current reports, the next-generation Nintendo Switch will be backward compatible, almost as powerful as a PS4, and have some unique controller designs. However, Nintendo has not confirmed any of them, so proceed with caution. We can assume that this is the supposed “Switch Pro,” but the additional rumor of a new “secret” controller would contradict that.

Switch 2 ought to support 4K

In an early article, we talked about everything you should know about the new Switch 2. At that time, we discovered that a potential Nintendo Switch 2 might feature 4K resolution, but only in TV-docked mode. The portable mode will most likely stay at 1080p resolution. In 2023, we don’t think Nintendo will continue to use the 720p resolution for the handheld mode. Uncertainty surrounds the type of display – possibly an OLED or a Mini LED. Yes, there are reports that this console will use the Mini LED. Nintendo may continue to work with Taiwanese company Innolux, it seems. This could help the company promote improved battery life and picture quality.

Nintendo Switch 2

Wrap up

Only the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS have sold more copies than the Nintendo Switch, making it one of the most popular gaming systems ever. According to VGChartz, the Switch has sold over 126.51 million copies worldwide since its launch in March 2017, more than six years ago. So it makes sense that the revelations have caused such a stir online.

Of course, these are just rumors and not facts. But the Switch 2 has been the subject of far too many leaks and speculations. As a result, we believe its release date is approaching and that we will most likely get it soon.

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