Say Goodbye to Green Lines on Your Phone’s Screen with This Laser Technology

Green Line laser technology

There’s no denying that OLED screens are far better than IPS or TFT screens. OLED displays not only offer vibrant colors, inky blacks, and bright whites but are also capable of superior brightness compared to other panels. However, one major drawback of OLED displays is that they have a higher chance of outputting green lines.

To be exact, the displays from Samsung are most susceptible to the green line problem. And in case you did not know, pretty much all the major companies use screens from Samsung for their phones. That includes Apple, Oppo, Xiaomi, and of course, Samsung itself.

Well, the days of worrying about green lines on display are finally over. Third-party repair shops have started to utilize brand-new laser technology. And with it, you no longer need to replace your phone’s screen to fix the strange line issues.

How Does the New Laser Technology Solve Green Line Issues

When an OLED panel gets a green line, it is mainly because there are broken or uneven traces within the panel. Every trace of the display is important as they carry electrical signals to output images. So, if one trace starts to malfunction, the pixels assigned to that trace turn green. That’s why you see green lines on phones.

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green line on Display of iPhones
Green line on iPhone

Now, with the new laser technology, these traces can be fixed pretty much in an instant. As you can see from the video embedded below, the laser first locates the broken traces of the panel. Then, it makes the display’s malfunctioning trace return to its factory condition. And that’s it! No more green lines on the phone!

That said, the repair cost varies from one phone to another. But at the end of the day, it’s way cheaper than replacing the entire display. Not to mention, you also need to wait for a couple of days if you were to get your phone’s display replaced by authorized repair points. So, in all ways, the new repair tech is definitely a better option.

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