IDC Report: The Global Tablet Market Faces a Steep Decline

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The International Data Corporation (IDC), renowned for its data research, recently unveiled its findings in the global tablet and Chromebook shipments report for the second quarter (Q2) of 2023. According to IDC, the realm of tablets witnessed a substantial downturn, with global shipments plummeting to 28.3 million units, marking a considerable 29.9 percent year-over-year (YoY) contraction. Simultaneously, Chromebooks continued their decline, experiencing a 1.8 percent YoY dip, amounting to 5.8 million units in Q2 2023.

IDC Report: Global Tablet and Chromebook Shipments in Q2 2023


The quarter revealed a persistently lackluster demand for tablets. Consumers exercised caution in their spending endeavors, largely attributable to the ominous specter of rising inflation and economic instability. Adding to this was the ongoing chip scarcity and the resultant disruptions in supply chains, which further constrained tablet availability, acting as a contributing factor in the shipment slump.

Q2 2023: Global Tablet Shipments Snapshot

Amid this overarching market decline, Apple once again demonstrated its prowess by dominating the tablet sector. The tech giant shipped 10.5 million units, affording it a 37.0% market share. Although this marked a 16.8% YoY decline, it still positioned Apple far ahead of its peers in terms of shipments.

Samsung secured the runner-up spot, having dispatched 5.8 million units, equating to a 20.6% market share. Unfortunately, the company faced an 18.3% YoY decline in its tablet shipments. Lenovo managed to climb to the third rung, delivering 2.1 million units, reflecting a 7.6% market share. However, the company’s shipments took a significant hit, shrinking by a notable 38.8% YoY.

The top five also featured Chinese contenders HUAWEI and Xiaomi. HUAWEI’s shipments reached 1.7 million units, translating to a 5.9% market share. Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s shipments amounted to 1.0 million units, holding a 3.6% market share. Both these companies had to grapple with a decline exceeding 20% YoY.

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Q2 2023: Global Chromebook Shipments Overview

While Chromebooks also faced a decline in Q2 2023, the extent of their contraction was comparatively minor. Shipments reached 5.8 million units, experiencing a mere 1.8% YoY reduction. Interestingly, this quarter marked the first instance of year-over-year growth for the Chromebook market since Q1 2020.

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Taking the lead in the Chromebook market was HP, having dispatched 0.9 million units, commanding a 15.6% market share. The company’s shipments showcased remarkable growth, surging by an impressive 69.2% YoY. Lenovo captured the second position with 1.3 million units shipped, claiming a 21.7% market share. The company’s shipments demonstrated modest growth, expanding by 3.1% YoY. Dell Technologies settled in third place, having delivered 1.5 million units, equating to a 25.6% market share. Regrettably, the company’s shipments suffered a 14.9% YoY decline.

Outlook and Insights

The decline in tablet shipments is anticipated to persist in the upcoming quarters. The cautious spending behavior of consumers, coupled with the enduring supply chain disruptions, is poised to be the prime driving force behind this trajectory. However, a relatively more stable course is predicted for the Chromebook market. These devices maintain their popularity in education and corporate circles, acting as a shield against market fluctuations.

In light of these developments, Anuroopa Nataraj, a senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers, expressed her insights:

“Recent economic market conditions have ushered in a wave of tablet deployments. Particularly in emerging markets, cost-effective products laden with features have gained substantial traction due to their high value proposition for consumers. This landscape has attracted new entrants, contributing to better growth rates in emerging markets compared to their more mature counterparts.”

In conclusion, IDC’s Q2 2023 report paints a nuanced picture of the tablet and Chromebook markets, revealing challenges, market leaders, and potential pathways for future growth.

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