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iPad pro 2018

According to Apple World report, the latest research by Strategy Analytics shows that the intense price war has brought tremendous pressure on many tablet manufacturers. …

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Apple iPad 9.7-inch (2018)

We know, for five consecutive quarters, the global smartphone market has registered a year-on-year decline. It’s scary to think of the tablet market, which is …

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ramos i8 pro

Chinese tablet maker Ramos will unveil a new device named the Ramos i8 which will not run Android but rater Windows 8.

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San Diego based Infosonics is a known name in the budget smartphone segment, and the verycool KolorPad T742 marks the company’s entry into the budget tablet market.

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Spredtrum, known for their phone chipsets, is set to enter the tablet market with an all new chipet which can offer up to 3 sim card support!

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Cube is currently riding a wave thanks to their very popular Talk range of Android tablets, the latest Cube Talk 79S continues the tradition with 3G support for just $100.

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With a saturated phone market and stagnant tablet market, China’s phone makers are plunging in to the emerging Android smartwatch market.

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Where as the Chinese phone market has taken off, the tablet market has struggled due to low-cost contenders from Google, Samsung and others, but could the Ceros Motion turn this around? Let’s take a look.

Popular tablet manufacturer Ramos aren’t generally know to be a purveyor of knock-off designs, so what is going on with the Ramos K!, HTC One Max wannabe?

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This evening’s latest rumour is that Beijing based phone maker Xiaomi are planning to launch a Xiaomi Pad Android tablet later this year!

Just when you think Nexus 7 is cheap and affordable enough, along comes another which is even cheaper! The Galapad is a quad-core Tegra 3 …

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Subor, the once huge maker of Nintendo clones, recently announced they were going back to their gadget roots and announced a couple of phones and …

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The dual-core Subor Dream X is almost ready for production and launch and we are now getting to see images of both the white and …

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The tablet on everybody’s mind in the one grabbing all the headlines recently is Google’s Nexus 7 Jelly Bean tablet and while the Nexus 7 …

With such a competitive Android tablet market, lower prices and similar specifications mean that manufacturers are basically differentiating themselves on design and overall look alone. …

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GooApple, the Chinese company behind the fantastic GooApple V5 iPhone 4S knock off and various iPhone 4 clones has entered the Android tablet market with …

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Rumor and guesstimation have determined that Apple may release an iPad mini next week at their March 7th iPad event, but we’re not too convinced!

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Sharp might not be at the forefront of consumer electronics in a consumers mind, but the Japanese manufacturer produce some of the best touch screens …

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Microsoft have been taking a bit of a back seat in the smartphone and tablet market, but this slowly does it approach seems to be …

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When the tablet market as we now know it kicked off the ePad was one of the first Android tablets readily available, at a price …

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