US Tablet Market Shifts: Apple’s Sales Dip, But Still Holds Over 50% Share

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Many people in the United States still choose iPads when they buy a tablet. But recent sales numbers show that fewer people might be buying them now. A market research company called Canalys says Apple sold 4.92 million iPads in the first three months of 2024. This gave them over half of the US tablet market. Even though they’re still number one, this is an 8.8% drop from the 5.4 million iPads they sold in the first quarter of 2023.

Apple Still Leads US Tablets, But Sales Dip; Samsung Sees Slight Gain

Samsung, Apple’s biggest competitor in tablets, seems to be doing a little better. They sold 1.8 million Galaxy Tab tablets in the first quarter of 2024, which gave them 18.5% of the US market. This is a small increase from the 1.75 million units they sold in the same time period last year. Their market share also went up a little, from 16.3%. This might be because of some smart choices Samsung made with their new products. In the first quarter, they introduced a bunch of new tablets for different budgets and needs. They have the budget-friendly Galaxy Tab A9/A9+, the mid-priced Galaxy Tab S9 FE and S9 FE+, and the high-end Galaxy Tab S9 series with fancy OLED screens and very powerful processors.

The small drop in Apple’s sales and the variety of new tablets from Samsung suggest that things might be changing in the US tablet market. Apple is still way ahead, but they might be facing some challenges. The economy, how people shop these days, and what kind of tablets people want are all things that could affect how the market does in the future.

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Why Sales Might Be Changing

There are a few reasons why Apple might be selling fewer tablets. Maybe people are holding onto their iPads for longer because they’re worried about the economy. It’s also possible that the tablet market is just getting full, and with smartphones getting better all the time. Not as many people feel the need to buy a separate tablet.

Samsung’s plan to offer tablets at different prices seems to be working. By having a variety of options, they can appeal to more customers. This could be especially helpful if people are looking to save money and don’t necessarily care about having the most popular brand.

What’s Next for the US Tablet Market?

Experts think the US tablet market will keep growing, but slowly. More and more people are using cloud services, working from home, and enjoying digital content, and this could lead to more people wanting tablets. But how well each company does will depend on how well they can keep up with what customers want and how the market changes. Companies that come out with new and exciting products, cater to different types of users. Keeping their prices competitive are more likely to do well in this crowded market.

The Bottom Line

Apple has been the leader in US tablets for a long time, but things might be changing a little. Even though they’re still number one, their sales are down slightly, and Samsung is offering more choices to customers. The economy, how people shop, and what kind of tablets people want will all affect what happens next in this market. It will be interesting to see how Apple and other big companies adjust their strategies to stay ahead or gain more market share in the years to come.

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