Telegram: Mini-Apps, Paid Content, and Enhanced Story Search

Telegram encrypted Messaging app

Telegram, the popular messaging app, just got a big update with features that make it simpler to use and more fun for creators. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes:

Telegram Revamps App with Easy-to-Use Mini-Apps, Money-Making Tools, and More Ways to Find Stories

Mini-Apps Made Easy

Mini-apps are like tiny programs you can run inside Telegram. They let you do things like shop, play games, or order food. Before, having them open could clutter up the screen. Now, there’s a special bar at the bottom where you can minimize them. This keeps things organized and lets you switch between them quickly without having to wait for them to load again.

Creators Can Make Money

If you have a Telegram channel with lots of followers, you can now start earning money from it. The update lets you post exclusive photos and videos that people can only see if they pay for them using “Telegram Stars.” Stars are like a special kind of money people get within the app. You decide how many Stars someone needs to pay to see your content. Once you have Stars, you can either trade them for real money (called Toncoin) or use them to promote your channel and get even more followers.

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Finding Stories Just Got Easier

Stories are a fun way to share photos and videos that disappear after a while. Now it’s much easier to find stories you’ll like. Clicking on a hashtag in a story caption will show you other public stories that use the same hashtag. Think of it like finding friends who like the same things as you! You can also search for stories based on location. This is a great way to see what’s happening around you, like if there’s a cool event nearby.

Premium Users Get Extra Story Power

If you pay a little extra for Telegram Premium, you get a special tool for your stories. It lets you add a little preview on top of your photos and videos. This can make your stories look even more interesting and get people excited to see the full thing. You can even choose a light or dark background for the preview to match the style of your story.

Overall, the new Telegram update makes the app more user-friendly and gives creators new ways to make money. It also helps people find stories they’ll enjoy, and there are even some cool extras for Premium users. So, whether you’re just chatting with friends or building a following, there’s something new in Telegram for you!

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