Telegram New Update Unleashes an Array of Exciting Features

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Telegram has recently rolled out an extensive update, introducing a range of new features to enhance user experience across its platform. These updates span various aspects of the application, including improvements to Saved Messages, the introduction of one-time voice and video messages, detailed read receipts, and more. Let’s delve into the details of these updates and explore how they contribute to the overall usability of the Telegram messaging app.

Telegram gets a new update

Saved Messages 2.0: A Comprehensive Storage System

One of the standout features in this update is the revamped Saved Messages functionality, now dubbed Saved Messages 2.0. Originally utilized for notes and forwarded messages, it has been transformed into a robust storage system for links, media, and bookmarks. Users can now organize their saved messages by chat, employing tags for better categorization. The introduction of the ‘View as Chats’ mode facilitates easy access, enabling users to view a list of private chats, groups, and channels from which messages have been forwarded. Additionally, users can now pin preferred chats to the top for quicker reference.


For enhanced organization, multiple tags based on emojis can be added to saved messages. This feature, available to premium users, simplifies the filtering and searching for specific messages. The ‘Saved’ tab in the Shared Media section makes it effortless to access messages forwarded to Saved Messages from specific chats, groups, or channels.


Improved Search Functionality: Streamlining Navigation

Telegram has upgraded its search functionality across all chats, making it easier for users to navigate search results. The results now appear in a more compact list. Enhancing user experience and efficiency.

One-Time Voice and Video Messages: Privacy and Convenience

A new ‘View-Once’ setting for voice and video messages allows users to play these messages only once before automatic deletion. Moreover, users can now pause and resume the recording of voice or video messages, eliminating the need to send multiple messages and providing a more convenient recording experience.

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Detailed Read Times in Private Chats: Enhancing Communication Transparency

In 1-on-1 private chats, users can now see the exact time their messages were opened. With read times having privacy settings based on Last Seen status. This information is visible for 7 days before deletion, providing users with more transparency in their communication.

Telegram Premium Features: Elevating Privacy and Control

Premium users now have access to exclusive features, such as the ability to hide their last seen and read times while still viewing those of others. This customizable feature provides greater privacy control. Additionally, premium users can choose who can send them messages. Restricting chats from users who aren’t contacts or premium members unless initiated by the premium user.

Performance and Design Enhancements: Elevating User Experience

This update brings significant improvements to the overall performance and design of Telegram. Video stories now load four times faster, with premium users enjoying higher quality playback. All users can control the playback speed in video stories, offering a more personalized viewing experience.

Messages with shared contacts display better, reflecting the chosen color and emoji icons in Appearance Settings. Video message recording on iOS has been enhanced for clearer quality, quicker camera switching, and reduced camera shake.

On macOS, users now have the option to choose from 15 different icons to customize the appearance of the Telegram app in the dock, further personalizing their experience.

Availability of the Update

The latest update is now available on both Android (via Google Play or Telegram’s website) and iOS (App Store). Android users will need version 10.6.3 or later to access these new features.

In conclusion, Telegram’s recent update introduces a host of features that not only enhance the platform’s usability but also provide users with greater control, privacy, and convenience. From improvements in saved messages organization to advanced search functionalities and the introduction of one-time voice and video messages, these updates contribute significantly to Telegram’s evolution as a leading messaging application.

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