Somalia bans TikTok, Telegram and 1XBet over fake news

TikTok ban

Somalia has recently banned TikTok, Telegram, and 1XBet over concerns of “horrific” content and fake news. The move comes amid growing concerns over the platforms’ potential misuse for disseminating harmful images and fake reports. Jama Hassan Khalif, the country’s minister of communication said

My office “orders internet companies to stop the aforementioned applications, which terrorists and immoral groups use to spread constant horrific images and misinformation to the public,”

Telegram ban

Reasons for the Ban

The Somali government has cited several reasons for the ban, including the spread of indecent content and propaganda. TikTok, in particular, has been criticized for its lack of content checks, which has led to the spread of harmful and bad content. Similarly, Telegram has been accused of being a platform for extremist groups to spread their propaganda. 1XBet, an online betting website, has been banned due to concerns over its potential for promoting gambling addiction.

This ban is coming after Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said the country is aiming to eliminate al Shabaab, a group that has links with al Qaeda. At the moment, there is no comment from TikTok regarding the ban. However, Telegram has released a statement. The company said

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“Telegram consistently removes terrorist propaganda in Somalia and worldwide”. The app further claims that it uses strict moderation for content that it considers harmful.

Impact on the Country

The ban on these platforms is likely to have a huge impact on the country. TikTok, in particular, has become increasingly popular among Somali youth. The youths use this app to share videos and connect with others. The ban is likely to be met with resistance from young people who see it as an infringement on their freedom of speech. Similarly, the ban on Telegram is likely to be met with resistance from those who use the platform to chat with friends and family members.

However, the ban is also likely to have some positive effects. The government is trying all it can to limit the spread of harmful content and fake news. It hopes to use this to promote a safer and more stable society. The ban on 1XBet is also likely to have a positive impact on the country. This is by cutting down the potential for gambling addiction.


The ban on TikTok, Telegram, and 1XBet in Somalia is a controversial move that is likely to have both positive and negative effects. While the ban may limit the spread of harmful content and fake news, it is also likely to be met with resistance from young people. The impact of the ban on the country remains to be seen. But it is clear that the Somali government is taking steps to promote a safer and more stable society.

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