Get Ready for the Future of Gaming: PlayStation Portal Remote Player to Launch for $199.99 this Year

PlayStation Portal Remote Player

After introducing the PS5, Sony has expressed its excitement about players worldwide enjoying the big improvements made in gaming, such as immersing themselves in the game because of the special vibrations and triggers in the DualSense controller. The company has also highlighted how the PlayStation Community has inspired it new and cool products for game lovers around the world. On this note, Sony has finally announced a new product currently in production.

In May this year, Sony hinted on its next hardware which is a dedicated handheld remote play device. The device is now known as the PlayStation Portal Remote Player. This hint also included the company’s first ever wireless earbuds called Pulse Explore. Finally, Sony has come out to share more details about these products.

PlayStation Portal Remote Player PlayStation Portal Remote Player

The PlayStation Portal remote player lets you enjoy the PS5 experience right inside your palm. It includes essential features, such as the DualSense wireless controller, which has special buttons and touch sensations. The colorful 8-inch LCD screen can show very clear pictures and motion at a fast speed, just like the great games made by top game makers.

The PlayStation Portal is a great device for gamers who need to share their living room TV or want to play PS5 games in another part of the house. It connects to your PS5 through Wi-Fi, so you can easily switch between playing on your PS5 and the Portal. The Portal can play games from your PS5 and use the DualSense controller. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack for wired headphones. However, it can’t play PS VR2 games that need the headset or games streamed through PlayStation Plus Premium’s cloud streaming.

Pricing for the PlayStation Portal in Different Regions

The PlayStation Portal remote player will be available later this year for $199.99 USD, €219.99 EURO, £199.99 GBP, or 29,980 YEN. The company has also promised to provide more information soon about when you can start pre-ordering the PlayStation Portal.

PlayStation Pulse Wireless Headsets: Pulse Elite and Pulse Explorer PlayStation Portal Remote Player

The Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore are the latest wireless headsets and earbuds from PlayStation. They bring even better audio quality to the gaming experience.

The Pulse Elite is Sony’s latest wireless headset. It provides high-quality audio without any loss in sound quality. It comes with a retractable boom microphone that uses advanced technology to reduce unwanted background noise. Furthermore, the package includes a charging dock for easy charging and storage.

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The Pulse Explore is the company’s first pair of wireless earbuds. They offer a top-quality portable audio experience, including two microphones with advanced noise reduction technology to block out background noises. They also deliver high-quality audio without any compromise in sound fidelity. The earbuds come with a charging case for your convenience.

The Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore are the initial PlayStation audio devices to feature custom-designed planar magnetic drivers. These drivers provide a premium listening experience commonly found in high-end headphones used by professional sound engineers With the Pulse Explore, Sony will be among the pioneers in bringing wireless earbuds with planar magnetic driver technology to the wider consumer market.

Sony is currently making efforts to amplify the audio experience when it comes to gaming and enhance the sound to enable more immersive gameplay experience. The launch of the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explorer happens to coincide with this effort by the gaming company.

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Pricing for the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explorer

The Pulse Elite will cost $149.99 USD, €149.99 EURO, £129.99 GBP, or 18,980 YEN. The Pulse Explore will be priced at $199.99 USD, €219.99 EURO, £199.99 GBP, or 29,980 YEN. The company will provide more information shortly, including when pre-orders will start and the exact launch dates.

The New Wireless Audio Technology from PlayStation, the PlayStation Link PlayStation Portal Remote Player

The Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore can directly connect to the PlayStation Portal using a new wireless audio technology called PlayStation Link. This technology provides quick connections, high-quality audio without delays, and smooth transitions between different PlayStation Link devices. You can use it with various hosts like the PS5 using the USB adapter and the PlayStation Portal.

When using the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore with the PS5, you’ll need to use the USB adapter that comes with each headset and earbuds for the PlayStation Link connection. This USB adapter can also be bought separately. It works not only with the PS5 but also with PCs and Macs. This way, you can connect the Pulse Elite or Pulse Explore to experience the same high-quality audio without delays on those devices as well.

Both the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore can connect at the same time to a device that supports PlayStation Link (such as PS5, PC, Mac, or PlayStation Portal) and a device that supports Bluetooth. For instance, the Pulse Explore can be connected to a PS5 (using the USB adapter) through PlayStation Link while also being connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, all at once. This means that while playing on the PS5, players can immediately take a phone call and hear it through the same Pulse Explore earbuds.

You Need Wireless Connection to Enable Certain Features to Work

Please note that the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features work only if the game being played supports these features. You need a Wi-Fi connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbps in order to use this feature. For a smoother playing experience, it’s recommended to have a faster connection of at least 15Mbps.

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