Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects Get a Boost: New AI and 3D Features Plus ‘Ums’ and Noise Removal

Adobe AI features

Day one of IBC2023 at RAI had lots of cool news from tech and showbiz. Adobe, Sony, Sennheiser, Imagine, INFiLED, and Genelec are just some of the firms that have unveiled new techs. Plus, Grabyo-Magnifi and Net Insight-MediaKind may alter sports content and cloud broadcast. Of all the new features, let’s zoom in on those that’ll benefit lots of Adobe users. In simple terms, Adobe adds more AI features, making its products stand out.

Adobe AI and 3D features change video editing

Adobe stuns at IBC 2023 with top-notch updates to its beloved video and audio apps. Its Premiere Pro, After Effects, and get big AI upgrades for easier work and more output.

AI boosts audio in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro now includes AI-powered Enhance Speech. The second one can change bad recorded talking into really good sound. It cuts noise, offers a mix slider for precise sound tweaking. Plus, the Audio Category Tagging tool spots clips with speech, music, effects, or background noise, easing editing.

After Effects now supports a true 3D workspace

After Effects now includes a true 3D workspace, enabling the import of 3D models and realistic lighting effects. Image-based lighting makes it easy to integrate models into scenes, and an improved Roto Brush tool makes it easier to isolate complex objects.

Adobe AI features

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Other brands launched new AI features like Adobe, a top video review software, unveils Storage Connect, helping big clients link to AWS S3. Plus, Comparison Viewer lets you see assets side by side, making reviews better.

Gizchina News of the week

comparison viewer

Burano is the latest addition to Sony’s CineAlta range of high-end digital cinema cameras. This camera features a sensor that matches the color science of the Venice 2. Burano suits lone camera users and small groups. It has in-body stability and a tiny electric ND filter.

Sennheiser brings the MKH 8030 RF mic. It’s figure-of-eight with stereo options, great at blocking noise, perfect for many audio tasks.

Imagine is showing Magellan Connect, a unique on-premises and cloud management system. This progress makes smooth routing and links for signals, whether they start or finish on-site or in the cloud.

INFiLED reveals Studio Series: LED system for broadcast, XR, and virtual production. It sparks pros’ ideas with bold contrasts, brightness, accurate colors, and a glare-resistant surface.

Genelec’s 9320A Ref Controller links to Unio Audio Monitor Service. Unio has Genelec’s Smart Active Monitors, GLM 5.0 calib software, and Aural ID 2.0 for in-room speakers and headphone checks.

Partnerships reshaping the sector

Grabyo and Magnifi team up for a potent, human-focused video process. This helps sports makers cut and share live game highlights.

Also, Net Insight and MediaKind team up to use the MoMe platform for cloud broadcast sharing and delivery. This blends its CE1 and RX1 with Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge cloud system. It ensures the needed quality and speed for heavy use.

The bottom line

IBC2023’s day one brought exciting tech and showbiz news. Adobe shone with AI upgrades in Premiere Pro & After Effects, boosting video editing. Premiere Pro now gets Enhance Speech from Adobe AI, making bad audio top-notch. It also gets Audio Category Tagging for easier edits. After Effects gets real 3D for models and better Roto Brush. launches Storage Connect, Sony reveals Burano cam, and Sennheiser has the MKH 8030 RF mic. Genelec unveils 9320A Ref Controller for seamless audio monitoring in Unio. Grabyo-Magnifi and Net Insight-MediaKind partnerships reshape sports content and broadcasting. All these features show that the top firms that have been creating various editing tools are obsessed with AI.

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