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Twitter, now known as X, has recently announced a new feature for its Premium subscribers that allows them to hide their likes tab from public view. This feature is a part of X’s effort to provide more privacy options to its users. In this article, we will discuss this new feature in detail, including its benefits, how to use it, and its impact on the platform.

X Premium Users

What is the new feature?

The new feature allows X Premium subscribers to hide their likes tab from public view. This means that other users will not be able to see the posts that the subscriber has liked. After a user activates this feature, their “liked content” will completely disappear from the profile card from a third-party view. Prior to this, Elon Musk posted on the platform last year that “liked content” should be private by default.

However, the content that Musk himself has liked is always public. In the early hours of this morning, he recommended that users “keep it open” and said that if users encounter favourite and interesting tweets, it is recommended to use the “bookmark” function instead.  The feature is optional, and users can choose to enable or disable it at any time.

X Premium Users

How to use the new feature?

To use the new feature, X Premium subscribers need to follow these steps:

1. Open the X app and go to their profile.
2. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
3. Select “Settings and privacy” from the drop-down menu.
4. Tap on “Privacy and safety.”
5. Scroll down to the “Likes” section and toggle the “Hide likes tab” option on or off.

Once the user has enabled the feature, their likes tab will be hidden from public view.

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Benefits of the new feature

The new feature provides several benefits to X Premium subscribers. Here are some of them:

1. Increased privacy: The feature allows users to keep their likes private, which can be beneficial for those who do not want to share their interests with others.

2. Reduced social pressure: The feature can help reduce social pressure on users to like certain posts or content to gain popularity or approval.

3. Better control over personal information: The feature gives users more control over their personal information and what they share with others.

Impact on the platform

The new feature is a part of X’s effort to provide more privacy options to its users. It is expected to have a positive impact on the platform by making it more user-friendly and privacy-focused. The feature can also help reduce the negative impact of social media on mental health by reducing social pressure and increasing privacy.

X Premium Users

Final Words

In conclusion, X’s new feature that allows Premium subscribers to hide their likes tab from public view is a welcome addition to the platform. It provides several benefits to users, including increased privacy, reduced social pressure, and better control over personal information. The feature is easy to use and is expected to have a positive impact on the platform.

X has been working on new features to attract users, especially premium subscribers to the platform. According to a report from third-party researcher, Travis Brown, as of last month, that is, August 15, between July 1st and August 10, only about 94,000 users had registered for X Premium. However, over the past month and a half, X has added about 16,000 net new subscribers each week. ITHome reports that at least 827,615 users have subscribed to X Premium. Musk previously posted that the X platform has 540 million monthly users. In proportion, users who subscribe to X Premium account for only 0.15% of the total. However, the figure is increasing and these new features are a contributing factor.

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