OPPO announces new progress in AndesGPT large model

OPPO has announced new progress in its AndesGPT large model. This is a language model that can generate human-like text. It is based on the GPT architecture and is trained on a large corpus of text data. The model can be fine-tuned for various natural language processing tasks such as text classification, question answering, and text generation. The latest announcement was made on the company’s official website.


OPPO’s progress in AndesGPT large model

OPPO has made progress in the AndesGPT large model. The company has hit decent results on several natural language processing benchmarks. The model hit an overall score of 89.6 on the SuperGLUE benchmark. This is the highest highest score by any model to date. OPPO has also released a pre-trained version of the AndesGPT large model. This can work for various natural language processing tasks. The pre-trained model is available on the Hugging Face model hub.

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AndesGPT is a generative large language model independently trained by OPPO. In early August, it launched external invitation testing with OPPO’s intelligent assistant Xiaobu. The aim is to upgrade the regular voice assistant at the kernel level. In the SuperCLUE top ten basic ability rankings, AndesGPT scored 98.33 in the “Knowledge and Encyclopedia” ability test. It now ranks first after GPT4 in China.


Oppo said the accuracy of the system is now much better with its high-quality knowledge graphs. Oppo also reveals that the technical route of the AndesGPT large model is the dialogue-enhanced large language model. This is highly related to Xiaobu’s core application scenarios of intelligent assistants. It also focuses on improving dialogue capabilities. In the future, this model will continue to enhance the AI ​​capabilities of OPPO’s intelligent assistant, Xiaobu.

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OPPO’s progress in the AndesGPT large model is a significant development in the field of natural language processing. The model’s ability to generate human-like text has several implications for various applications such as chatbots, language translation, and text generation. The pre-trained version of the model is also available on the Hugging Face model hub, making it accessible to developers and researchers.

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