ugee Launches M808&908 Drawing Tablets: Next-Gen EMR Stylus Probing New Depths In Artistry

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Shouldering the commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital drawing while keeping artists’ needs at the forefront, ugee has proudly unveiled its latest marvels: the M808&908 Drawing Tablets. These product promise to elevate every aspects of the creative process and redefine what’s possible in the realm of digital artistry. Representing ugee’s unwavering dedication to user-centrism.

In the digital drawing community, the ugee M708 drawing tablet has been a staple all through the way for its reliability, cost-effectiveness and user-friendly design. With this latest update, ugee is raising the bar even higher by introducing a range of innovative improvements tailored to meet the evolving needs of beginner artists, illustrators, and designers. The ugee M808/M908 drawing tablets emerged at the right moment.

Minimalist design outlining elevated performance

The new ugee M808&908 is not stuck in a rut any longer. And it renders vibrant color options of orange, gray and white with minimalist design. Which manifests the personality of creators while releasing their productivity. And the mainstream 10×6.25 inch display remains to be employed, offering an immersive canvas for digital creations and showcasing every detail and color with impressive clarity. Addtionally, the M908 comes with paper texture surface crafted to emulate the smoother drawing experience, fostering a seamless connection between the artist’s hand and the digital canvas.


New-gen EMR stylus ushering pencil-like experience

But it’s not just about appearances – ugee has also fine-tuned the technology under the hood. The tablets boast new-gen EMR drawing stylus, with up to 16K levels pressure sensitivity and a tilt function of 60°. Providing an incredibly responsive and accurate stylus performance. 

ugee understands that a truly remarkable drawing tablet must offer an exceptional level of responsiveness and accuracy. And the M808&908 tablets excel in this regard. The employment of sensor significantly reduces the reciprocation of nips and minimize the backlash. Ensuring that artists can capture the finest nuances of their strokes with enhanced precision and smoothness. And offering a pencil-like texture, simulating the tactile experience of traditional drawing materials.

Unique details enriching duplicated operation

ugee’s commitment to user feedback is also evident in the design of concavo-convex shortcut keys on the tablets. These keys can be personalized to suit an artist’s workflow and pre-set for accessing commonly used drawing tools such as pen, eraser, brush size, and undo. Enabling quicker access to frequently used functions and enhancing overall efficiency. And the M908 also features the mechanical scroll wheel, empowering artists to work more efficiently and intuitively through blind operation.

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Well-rounded compatibility embracing various requirements

The M808&908 tablets enjoy the compatibility with major operating systems including Windows 7 or later, mac OS 10.10 or later, Android 6.0 or later, Chrome 88 or later, and Linux. And it integrates with wide range of popular drawing software from industry stalwarts to newer players in the digital art arena, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sai, CorelPainter, ibis Paint and so on. Making it the epitome of perfection with exceptional compatibility.

The M808&908 feature a mainstream Type-C port, enabling blind plug-in for enhanced convenience. With just a piece of USB-C to A cable, you can effortlessly connect the drawing tablet to your computer, laptop, Android phone and tablet, and jump-start your creative process in an instant. What’s more, ugee originally develop the adjustment function of working area for Android device that provides artists with the flexibility to work at the ratio they are most comfortable with. And the 20:9 mode closely aligns with the surface of the phone. Enabling more precise and fluid mobile drawing effects.

As ugee unveils the upgraded M808&908 drawing tablets, the anticipation among the digital art community is palpable. These devices promise to be more than just tools – they are gateways to unbridled creativity and limitless possibilities. ugee’s dedication to innovation and continuous improvement ensures that artists will have the tools they need to bring their visions to life with unparalleled precision and ease.


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In conclusion, the ugee M808&908 updated versions represent a significant leap forward in the world of digital artistry. With their impressive displays, enhanced pressure sensitivity, and compatibility with various software, these 10-inch drawing tablets are poised to become essential companions for artists seeking to push the boundaries of their creativity. ugee’s unwavering commitment to excellence sets a promising tone for the future, as artists around the world eagerly embrace these new tools to embark on their artistic journeys.

Hold aloft this upgraded tablet, reignite the passion of your artistic endeavors and unleash your boundless potential.

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