OpenAI plans to launch GPT store next week to sell/share custom chatbots


OpenAI stated in an email to GPT Builders contract personnel that the GPT Store will be officially launched next week. On the GPT Store, users can sell and share chatbots (GPT) based on OpenAI’s large-scale language model. Developers will generate revenue ā€œbased on how many people use your GPT.” These custom chatbots can be built using GPT Builder. This tool does not require users to write code. Users can simply write a series of natural language instructions to specify which tasks the custom GPT should perform and how to perform it.

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The email asks users to double-check that their GPT creations comply with brand guidelines and reminds them to verify their profiles and ensure GPT exposure. We understand that theĀ GPT store will provide a search bar to facilitate users to find related chatbots. The rankings will highlight popular GPTs. Also, OpenAI plans to focus on user-created GPTs that are considered particularly useful.Ā OpenAI says a custom version of ChatGPT can also generate images.Ā This feature is powered by the integration of GPT with the latest image generation model DALL-E 3.Ā DALL-E 3 interprets user commands more accurately than its predecessor and includes an expanded set of safety features.

GPT Store Launch

OpenAI, a leading AI research lab, is set to launch the GPT Store, a marketplace for customizable GPTs, next week. However, this is not the first time that the company is announcing such a launch. OpenAI had initially announced the launch of the GPT Store in late 2023. However, the release has been delayed to 2024. From its latest announcement, it is now clear that the GPT Store will be active next week. This platform will allow developers to create and share their custom chatbots, known as Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), with the public. The GPT Store is expected to feature creations by verified builders, making GPTs searchable and potentially allowing them to climb leaderboards.

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Implications and Expectations

The launch of the GPT Store is highly anticipated and is expected to have significant implications for the AI development community. Developers are eager to see how the store will be structured and how OpenAI will handle the volume of GPT submissions. There are also questions about the curation and prioritization process for the GPTs in the store.

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For developers interested in sharing their GPTs in the store, OpenAI has provided guidelines. This includes reviewing updated usage policies and GPT brand guidelines, verifying the builder profile, and publishing the GPT as ‘Public’.

Final Words

The upcoming launch of the GPT Store by OpenAI is a significant development in the field of AI. It will provide a platform for developers to share their custom chatbots with the public, and its impact on the AI community is eagerly awaited.

About OpenAI

OpenAI is an AI research lab known for its pioneering work on the path to AGI (artificial general intelligence). The organization researches generative models and how to align them with human values. It also offers an API platform with its latest models and guides for safety best practices. OpenAI emphasizes the importance of safety and responsibility in the development of AI. It requires a deep understanding of the potential risks and benefits, as well as careful consideration of the impact. The organization was founded as an open-source and non-profit entity, but there have been changes in its governance structure and revenue plans over the years.

OpenAI’s AI models, such as GPT-3 and ChatGPT, have demonstrated advanced capabilities in natural language processing, including essay writing and conversation, which has garnered attention and praise from academics and professionals. However, users have reported challenges in controlling the word count and content generation of the AI models.

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