Blackview Launches All-new 5G Dual-screen Rugged Flagship: BL9000 with Secondary Display

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As 5G tech becomes more common and the need for clearer selfies grows, people are expecting more from 5G in terms of high performance and selfie quality. Excitedly, Blackview is set to launch its all-new 5G dual-screen rugged flagship, Blackview BL9000. BL9000 features a revolutionary secondary display, an Octa-core 5G MediaTek Dimensity 8020, up to 24GB RAM & 512GB ROM, 120W super-fast charging, dual band WiFi 6, a 50MP OIS anti-shake rear & 50 MP front cameras, dual Harman Kardon speakers sounded by Harman AudioEFX®, X-axis Linear motor, glove mode 2.0, CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS 7 (Victus®) , and top-tier MIL-SPEC 810H & IP68+ IP69K waterproofness. BL9000 is a game-changer, offering five key enhancements: innovative dual-screen tech, ultra-fast performance, dual 50MP selfie cameras, top-tier ruggedness, and seamless operation, enabling users to enjoy a rugged lifestyle with hyper-speed 5G dual-screen capabilities.



No.1 Innovative Dual-screen Lifestyle

Providing a More Efficient and Convenient All-new Dual-screen Lifestyle

– Revolutionary Secondary Display + CORNING┬« GORILLA┬« GLASS 7 (Victus┬«)┬á

Addressing common issues faced by users during outdoor travel or daily use, such as the large screen being cluttered making it difficult to quickly access needed apps, privacy concerns due to the large screen when making calls or receiving notifications, and the inability to take clear HD selfies with the rear camera using a single screen, BL9000 offers an effective solution with its innovative dual-screen design. BL9000 features a 1.3-inch circular secondary screen, protected by CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS 7 (Victus®), which allows users to easily access the clock, music controls, fitness tracking, and even a compass for convenient outdoor navigation with just a tap.

Additionally, the secondary screen enables crystal-clear visualized HD selfies with its 50 MP Samsung® rear camera, capturing memorable moments effortlessly. The design of the secondary screen also excels in privacy protection, letting users discreetly view notifications and answer or reject calls on a smaller display, safeguarding personal privacy. In terms of personalization, users can choose from 24 different mechanical watch faces, signatures, or backgrounds to display their unique style daily. From one-tap app access, privacy protection, rear-camera HD selfies to personalized customization, Blackview BL9000 offers a more efficient and convenient all-new dual-screen lifestyle.


Immerse Yourself in Portable Cinematic Joy On the Go

– 6.78-inch 2.4K FHD+ display + CORNING┬« GORILLA┬« GLASS 7 (Victus┬«) + 120Hz smart dynamic refresh rate + 600-nit brightness + T├ťV S├ťD certified low blue light + dual Harman Kardon Smart-PA speakers sounded by Harman AudioEFX┬«

To deliver a visually rich and detailed experience while also handling unexpected drops and impacts with ease, BL9000 comes equipped with a 6.78-inch 2.4K FHD+ display, enhanced by advanced MiraVision technology and protected by top-tier CORNING┬« GORILLA┬« GLASS 7 (Victus┬«). This glass has 67% higher drop height resistance than Gorilla┬« Glass 5 and offers double the scratch resistance, bolstering both the display’s durability and scratch-resistant capabilities. To ensure a smooth and clear viewing experience, whether for high-definition videos or fast-paced games, BL9000 supports a 120Hz smart dynamic refresh rate.

Additionally, its 600-nit brightness maintains clarity even in direct sunlight. To mitigate the impact of prolonged mobile use on the eyes, BL9000 incorporates T├ťV S├ťD certified low blue light, reducing eye strain. It also provides three reading modesÔÇöReading Mode, Night Light, and Dark ModeÔÇöto protect users’ vision and adapt to various reading environments and times. To enhance audio experience, BL9000 offers dual Harman Kardon Smart-PA speakers, utilizing Harman AudioEFX┬« technology for immersive sound quality in any setting, ensuring users enjoy enveloping surround sound during movies, high-quality audio in music, and engaging sound effects while gaming.


No.2 Super-fast Speed & Mega Storage

Game, Stream, Explore ÔÇô Does It All at 5G Lightning Speed!

– Octa-core 5G MediaTek Dimensity 8020 Processor(6nm TSMC) + 9-core Mali-G77 GPU + HyperEngine Lite Tech + WiFi 6 + 512GB ROM(UFS 3.1) + up to 24GB RAM + 765,583 AuTuTu score

To ensure a smooth and rapid user experience, whether for everyday apps, streaming videos, or demanding games, Blackview BL9000, the all-new 5G performance flagship, is powered by Octa-core 5G MediaTek Dimensity 8020 processor. This processor, made with the advanced 6nm TSMC technology, integrates four high-performance ARM Cortex-A78 cores (up to 2.6GHz) and four efficient ARM Cortex-A55 cores (up to 2.0GHz), achieving a perfect balance between high speed and energy efficiency. To further enhance the graphics experience, BL9000 boasts a flagship 9-core Mali-G77 GPU, ensuring smooth and stable performance in high-demand games and HD video processing.

The built-in MediaTek HyperEngine Lite technology, coupled with WiFi 6, guarantees a seamless gaming experience for all popular mobile games. In terms of storage, BL9000 is equipped with the largest-ever 512GB ROM, utilizing Flash UFS 3.1 technology that increases read speed by 130% and write speed by 566%, significantly boosting file access and saving efficiency while providing ample space for storing a wealth of adventure photos and videos. Additionally, with up to 24GB RAM, allowing users to run up to 49 apps simultaneously. Achieving an AuTuTu score of 835,066 thanks to its potent hardware setup, BL9000 sets a new standard for Blackview rugged phone series, providing a flawless user experience in streaming, gaming, and multitasking.

Charge for 6 Minutes and Get up to 115 Hours of Standby with 120W Super-fast Charging

– 120W Super-fast Charging + 8800mAh Massive Battery + 5W Reverse Charging + 34370.4mm┬▓ Integrated Cooling System + CPU Temperature Below 42┬░C

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Catering to the needs of users often engaged in outdoor work or travel adventures, by offering a quick charging capability, BL9000 features a 120W super-fast charging, the fastest charging method ever by Blackview. Users can fully charge BL9000 to 20% in just 6 minutes, ensuring it’s always ready to go in a snap. Equipped with an 8800mAh massive battery, BL9000 offers an extended standby of up to 576 hours, perfectly meeting the demands of prolonged outdoor use. Additionally, its 5W reverse charging capability allows charging of devices like TWS earbuds and smartwatches, proving especially handy during camping or hiking trips.

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To address the need for long-duration use or high-demand tasks such as gaming or 4K video recording in outdoor settings,BL9000 also comes with an 34370.4mm┬▓ 3D integrated cooling system. This system effectively keeps the device cool during high-load operations, maintaining the CPU temperature below 42┬░C. This not only ensures a smooth and stable experience during CPU-intensive tasks and multitasking but also extends the device’s lifespan.


No.3 Revolutionary Dual-screen 50MP Selfie

Capture Every Detail in Every Memorable Moment

– 50 MP Samsung┬« ISOCELL GN5 Rear Camera + True-Chroma Image 2.0 + OIS Anti-shake Technology + Snap Selfies with Secondary Screen & 50 MP Main Camera + 50 MP True-color Selfie Camera + 4K Video Recording + 13MP Ultra-wide & Ultra-macro + Powered by the Latest ArcSoft┬« 8.0 Algorithm

┬áTo ensure users enjoy the highest resolution and most authentic color, BL9000 is equipped with the advanced 50 MP Samsung┬« ISOCELL GN5 rear camera, further enhanced by True-Chroma Image 2.0 technology, which guarantees vivid and precise color capture in every scenario, from breathtaking landscapes to group pictures with friends. Even in scenarios with movement, such as riding in vehicles or engaging in high-speed activities, the OIS anti-shake technology keeps the images clear and sharp. Excitingly, BL9000’s secondary screen pairs with a 50 MP Samsung┬« rear camera, offering a unique experience with visualized HD selfies and capturing memorable moments in stunning clarity. In addition, BL9000 breaks new ground with its 50 MP HD true-color selfie camera, a historic first for Blackview, redefining standards in image clarity and color truthfulness.

Video enthusiasts and selfie lovers will appreciate the 4K recording capabilities of both the front and rear cameras, bringing every memory vividly to life. The 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens captures expansive natural and urban vistas, while the up to 2cm macro lens reveals intricate details up close. Enhanced by the latest ArcSoft┬« 8.0 algorithm, BL9000’s camera performance has improved by up to 18%, including HDR 2.0 for perfect shots in backlit or nighttime conditions. The Super Night 2.0 feature bolsters low-light photography, and with Panorama Mode 2.0, capturing expansive scenes becomes effortless. Additionally, BL9000 supports a variety of shooting modes, such as beauty, portrait, and pro, along with a special underwater camera, satisfying the diverse photographic needs of users.

No.4 Top-tier Durability & Ruggedness

Your Rugged Companion for Every Adventure!

– MIL-STD-810H(1.2 Meters Drop Resistance) + IP68 & IP69K Waterproofness(1.5 Meters of Waterproofness) + Corning┬« Gorilla┬« Glass 7 (Victus┬«) + Operate in Temperatures Ranging from -20┬░C to 60┬░C + Glove Mode 2.0 + Versatile Toolkit

 To meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and professionals, BL9000 boasts top-tier MIL-STD-810H military certification, offering drop resistance up to 1.2 meters to protect your phone from falls during outdoor activities or work. To ensure reliable underwater usage, it also features advanced IP68 & IP69K waterproof ratings, allowing it to function normally in up to 1.5 meters of water, ideal for underwater photography or outdoor tasks in rainy conditions. For enhanced screen protection, BL9000 comes with the top-grade Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7 (Victus®), increasing drop resistance by 67% and doubling scratch resistance, ensuring the screen remains intact even in harsh environments.

Designed to operate in extreme climates, BL9000 can function steadily in temperatures ranging from -20┬░C to 60┬░C, making it suitable for environments from snow-covered terrains to scorching deserts. For a more flexible user experience, BL9000 includes glove mode 2.0, boosting touch sensitivity by 30%, ensuring smooth operation even when wearing gloves in cold winters. And to tackle various complex settings, its versatile toolkit is ready to meet the demands of any challenging environment.

No.5 Seamless Operations with All-new DokeOS 4.0 Based on Android 13

Empower Your Adventures with Unmatched Efficiency, Convenience, Privacy, and Personalization

– EasyShare App + Workspace App + Focus Mode + Real-time Subtitle + Game Mode

To provide outdoor travelers and workers with a smoother, more convenient, more private, and more personalized experience, BL9000 is equipped with the latest DokeOS 4.0 based on Android 13. First off, the brand-new EasyShare App achieves transmission speeds up to 7.7MB/s, which is 60 times faster than traditional wireless BT and greatly simplifies file sharing without relying on network connectivity. Additionally, to enhance efficiency and organization, Workspace App effectively segregates work and personal spaces. Moreover, BL9000 offers a variety of Focus Mode, including No-play, Meditation, Work, Sport, and Reading modes, assisting users in maintaining concentration across different scenarios. The Real-time Subtitle and Screen Attention further enhance the multimedia experience. Concurrently, the thoughtfully designed timer, game mode, and larger folder options add more convenience to daily use. Finally, BL9000’s outstanding performance in privacy control ensures the security of users’ personal information. Providing quite a comprehensive protection.

Price and Availability

Blackview BL9000 will make its global debut on AliExpress from Jan. 17th to Jan. 19th, 2024 PT. Act fast to get BL9000 at a special early bird price of $299.99 (limited to the first 500 orders). The first 100 buyers will also be gifted a set of Airbuds 8 earbuds. You can click here to grab yours now!

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