Some Google Pixel and OnePlus Devices Have Started Getting Quick Share

Samsung Quick Share

Google and Samsung have partnered to merge Samsung’s file-transferring technology and Google’s Nearby Share. The merged solution is simply called Quick Share. This new file-transfer tech is already available on the newly released Galaxy S24 series.

But considering that Google partnered with Samsung, it was expected to roll out to more Android devices. However, the two tech giants didn’t say when we can expect to see the new feature on other phones. Well, the rollout has begun as Google Pixel and OnePlus devices have started to receive the new Quick Share feature.

More About the Initial Rollout

Google and Samsung collaboratively announced the new version of Quick Share at CES 2024. This version adds the ability to work on devices that feature Nearby Share. In other words, it’s not just about Samsung devices anymore. Instead, any Android device can enjoy Samsung’s proprietary file-sharing tech.

As shared by Mishaal Rahman, an Android specialist, Google has already started the rollout of Quick Share on some Android devices. Based on the responses to the post shared by Mishaal, at the current stage, it’s becoming available on some OnePlus and Pixel devices.

But you shouldn’t be worried if your Android phone doesn’t have it yet. Google and Samsung have already confirmed that it will be coming to all Nearby-share-enabled devices. And as some users are already getting it, your device should get it soon.

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What is Quick Share?

Imagine capturing a breathtaking vacation snapshot on your phone, only to be frustrated by compressed, pixelated disappointment when you try to share it. Enter Quick Share. It’s Samsung’s game-changing file transfer tool that lets you share large files between Android devices at lightning speed without sacrificing quality.

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Think of it as the AirDrop for the Android world, which is available on your phone or tablet, ready to whisk away your files with a simple tap. But what truly sets Quick Share apart is its commitment to quality.

Samsung Quick Share on One UI 6.1

Unlike other sharing methods that shrink your files, Quick Share transfers them in their full, glorious detail. So, that stunning panorama photo that you captured? It arrives on your friend’s device looking just as crisp and vibrant as it did on yours.

And speed? It’s got that in spades. Quick Share lets you share files with up to five devices simultaneously. You can also send individual heavyweights up to 1GB in size. Need to share more? No problem ā€“ Quick Share lets you send up to 5GB per day.

How Does Quick Share Work?

Quick Share throws the frustration of sharing files offline out the window with its ingenious approach to file sharing. But how does this magic work? Let’s take a closer look:

With WiFi Direct

Imagine two Android devices forming a private WiFi network, bypassing routers and the internet entirely. That’s the beauty of WiFi Direct, the primary method Quick Share uses. It’s like a secure handshake between devices, creating a temporary tunnel for your files to zoom through at speeds of up to 200 MB/s ā€“ that’s lightning fast!

Bluetooth LE Audio

And Bluetooth As Well

While WiFi Direct takes center stage, Bluetooth plays a supporting role. Like a friendly scout, it helps devices discover each other and initiate the connection. And in case WiFi Direct stumbles, Bluetooth steps in as a reliable backup, ensuring your files always find their way.

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