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Apple recently made some changes to its iOS system, Apple Store and Safari. These changes are only active for theĀ 27 EU member states. The changes are necessary so that it will comply with parts of the new EU Digital Market Act (DMA).Ā To ensure that developers have a clear understanding of these changes, Apple has launched a consulting service to answer developers’ related questions.

Apple iOS changes in the EU and opens Apple Online Consultation Service

Apple’s Online Consultation Service

Apple’s online consultation service is designed to assist developers with understanding and complying with new European regulations. The service provides developers with the opportunity to ask specific questions related to the regulations and receive expert guidance from Apple’s team. This initiative reflects Apple’s commitment to supporting its developer community and ensuring compliance with evolving legal frameworks.

On the service, users can meet with members of the Apple team to discuss iOS, Safari and App Store changes. These are especially changes that impact apps in the EU region to comply with the DMA.Ā Consulting topics includeĀ additional distribution methods on iOS, additional payment methods in the App Store, adding purchase links on your pages, new terms of business, and more. Developers can request a 30-minute online consultation (in English) to ask questions and provide feedback on these changes.Ā In addition, if you intend to start operating an App market that replaces the iOS platform in the EU, you can apply to participate in the offline laboratory activities held in Cole, Ireland (English).


Apple made changes to the iOS system, Apple Store, and Safari in the European Union (EU). These changes are to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) imposed by the European Commission. The DMA designates iOS, Safari, and the App Store as “core platform services”. It also imposes various requirements on Apple as a “gatekeeper” company. These changes, which will be implemented in the 27 EU countries beginning in March 2024 include the following

  • New options for app distribution
    Alternative browser engines
  • Contactless payments
  • Allow sideloading of apps
  • Making changes to its App Store, iOS, and Safari to allow for greater interoperability and user choice.
  • and more

Apple Sideloading Apps

Apple is not extending these changes outside the EU due to concerns about security risks. The company has emphasized that these changes are specific to the EU and are not being implemented globally. The changes are intended to make the digital market more open and welcoming to competition. These are the major goals of the DMA.

Apple has also expressed concerns about the potential impacts of these changes, including increased risks for malware, fraud, and scams, as well as reduced ability to respond to and remove malicious apps. The company has committed to engaging with the European Commission, the developer community, and EU users about the impacts of these changes in the weeks and months ahead.

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Support for Developers and Service Providers

The new European regulations impact various aspects of consumer rights, product warranties, and dispute resolution. By offering this consultation service, Apple aims to help developers navigate the complexities of these regulations and make informed decisions about their products and services. This is particularly important given the potential implications for consumer protection and business operations within the European market.

In addition to supporting developers, Apple’s online consultation service may also have implications for its authorized service providers. These providers are required to meet Apple’s standards about service levels, certification of technicians, and availability of service. The consultation service could serve as a valuable resource for service providers seeking to enhance their understanding of legal and regulatory requirements.

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Implications for the Developer Community

The launch of Apple’s online consultation service is likely to have a positive impact on the developer community. By offering direct access to legal and regulatory experts, Apple is empowering developers to proactively address compliance challenges and make well-informed decisions. This, in turn, can contribute to the overall integrity and quality of the apps and services available to consumers. Here are some of the impacts

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1. Improved compliance: The online consultation service will help developers comply with new European regulations, particularly the Digital Services Act (DSA), which provides a framework for cooperation between the European Commission and the enforcement, and monitoring of all its obligations.

2. Increased privacy and security: The DSA requires online platforms that are accessible to children to protect the privacy and security of those users. By answering developers’ questions related to these regulations, Apple’s online consultation service can help improve privacy and security for users.

3. Out-of-court dispute resolution: For consumers who have agreed with Apple online, the service provides a possibility of out-of-court online dispute resolution through the European Commission’s platform.

4. Technical support: The service includes technical support for installation, assembly, basic configuration, and software-related issues for Apple products.

5. Improved understanding: The European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency (ECAT) is committed to improved understanding of the DSA. By answering developers’ questions related to the DSA, Apple’s online consultation service can help improve understanding of the regulations.


Apple’s launch of an online consultation service to address developers’ questions related to new European regulations is a significant development with far-reaching implications. By providing this valuable resource, Apple is demonstrating its commitment to supporting developers, promoting legal and regulatory compliance, and upholding consumer rights. The service is expected to be a valuable asset for the developer community and contribute to a more transparent and well-regulated app ecosystem.

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