Discrepancy in user satisfaction rate for the iPhone 15 series: Tim Cook and PerfectRec survey give their opinions

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Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that the user satisfaction rate for the iPhone 15 series reached 99%. However, recent surveys show that the satisfaction rate for the iPhone 15 Pro has dropped to 66.1%. Despite this, the iPhone 15 series has broken records for sales and holds the top spot in sales for all models. This article carries out a direct comparison between the satisfaction rates from Tim Cook and that of PerfectRec. (Source).

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Tim Cook’s iPhone 15 series satisfaction rate opinion

During its fiscal year 2024 first quarter conference call yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the user satisfaction of the iPhone 15 series reached 99%. This is a significant achievement for Apple, as it indicates that the majority of users are happy with their purchase. Cook also mentioned that the iPhone 15 is outselling the iPhone 14, which shows the increasing popularity of the iPhone.

When asked how he viewed the performance and product cycle of the iPhone 15 series, Cook said:

“Overall,¬†we are very pleased with the performance of the iPhone 15 series,¬†and we are particularly excited that the number of users choosing to upgrade to the new generation of iPhone has reached a record high.”

In addition, from a global perspective, not only did the number of users who chose to upgrade to the new generation of iPhone hit a record high, but the number of installed devices of different devices also hit a record high, Cook said.

However, we can not tell how Apple calculated the satisfaction rate of 99%. The company did not exactly give details on how it arrived at its 99% satisfaction rate. It also did not cite any surveys to back up its claims. However, on Apple’s JD.com self-operated flagship store, the iPhone 15 Pro Max received the highest praise, with a praise rate of 96%.

Above, we have presented the satisfaction rate from Tim Cook. Let us now compare it with the satisfaction rate given by PerfectRec.

PerfectRec’s opinion on the iPhone 15 series satisfaction rate

More than 700,000 reviews of the iPhone 15 series collected by the market research agency, PerfectRec showed that the current user satisfaction rate of the iPhone 15 Pro is 66.1%. The highest-end iPhone 15 Pro Max has only 72.5% satisfaction; the iPhone 15 with the highest satisfaction rate is only 78.1%; the iPhone 15 Plus has a satisfaction rate of 73.5%.

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Despite Cook’s claims, the PerfectRec survey shows that the satisfaction rate for the iPhone 15 Pro has dropped to 66.1%. This is a significant decrease from the 73.5% satisfaction rate reported in October 2023. The survey also shows that the owners of the 6.1-inch Pro model are the most unsatisfied about their purchase. Furthermore, PerfectRec noted that the complaints about this series on Apple support and Reddit forums keep increasing.

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How PerfectRec carried out its survey

This survey was done by getting reviews from over 700,000 iPhone 15 series users. It considers different demographics, age, sex and even customer cycles. The methodology uses Google reviewers for each iPhone model, including Best Buy, Verizon, AT&T, etc. Overall satisfaction is presented as the percentage of reviewers that give the product five stars on a five-star scale. Ratings are for the lowest storage configuration available for each model since these are generally the best-selling options and have the most reviews. PerfectRec noted that while upgraders complained about overheating in September, new users had more issues with the camera protrusion.

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Factors influencing customer satisfaction

Several factors contribute to customer satisfaction with the iPhone 15 series. One of the most important factors is the design and features of the phone. The iPhone 15 series has several new features, including a larger battery, improved camera, and faster processor. These features are designed to improve the user experience and make the phone more appealing to customers.

Another factor that contributes to customer satisfaction is the quality of customer service provided by Apple. Apple has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, which can help to improve customer satisfaction. However, recent surveys show that there have been increased complaints on Apple support and Reddit forums.

Reasons for discrepancies between Tim Cook and PerfectRec results

The reasons for the discrepancies in the result are likely the source of the data. Tim Cook’s data will likely come from official channels concerning the sales and acceptability of the new iPhones. For PerfectRec, we have already explained the source of its data and how it carried out its survey. Apple will do all it can to protect its brand and its devices. Thus, we do not expect the company to publicly admit low figures for customer satisfaction. However, this is only the opinion of the editor.


In light of contrasting reports regarding the satisfaction rates of the iPhone 15 series, the landscape of consumer sentiment appears multifaceted. While Apple CEO Tim Cook asserts a remarkable 99% satisfaction rate for the series, recent surveys, notably from PerfectRec, indicate a notable decline in satisfaction for the iPhone 15 Pro, signalling a shift in consumer perception.

The discrepancy between Cook’s claims and survey findings underscores the complexities of gauging user satisfaction and the importance of transparent methodologies in such assessments. While Cook’s assertion lacks detailed methodology, PerfectRec’s survey, encompassing feedback from over 700,000 users, sheds light on specific grievances, notably concerning battery life and design issues.

Despite challenges, including incremental upgrades and protruding camera lenses, Apple’s proactive measures, such as addressing overheating concerns, reflect a commitment to enhancing user experience. However, the persistence of complaints underscores the need for sustained innovation and attentive customer service to mitigate dissatisfaction.

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