Users Are Sharing Mixed Opinions About the Paid Google Gemini Advanced Plan


Google has renamed its AI assistant to Gemini from Bard. With this rename, the search giant has also introduced a paid plan for the users. Like Copilot Pro of Microsoft and ChatGPT Plus of OpenAI, the paid Google Gemini Advanced plan unlocks features that aren’t available in the free version.

However, it seems not all the paid users are happy with what the Google Gemini Advanced plan is bringing to the table. Of course, this is very natural for a newly launched product.

Users Are Either Liking the Google Gemini Advanced Plan or Saying That It’s Not Worth It

The Google Bard subreddit is getting a lot of new threads after the rename and the introduction of the Gemini Advanced plan. In one of them, one user shares how they have encountered hallucinations and logical errors in the paid plan. The user went into details and shared that the free version offers more value. Check out the Reddit comment attached below to read the entire opinion.

Google Gemini Advanced Negative

Again, the debate revolving around the paid Google Gemini Advanced plan isn’t one-sided. Many users of the paid plan shared their views on the same thread. They pointed out that they found the higher tier to be close, if not better, than the paid plan of other AI assistants. Read more about one of the user’s positive opinions from the picture attached below.

Google Gemini Advanced Positive

At the current stage, it seems Google Gemini Advanced doesn’t seem to be performing as expected in logical problems. The image generation performance isn’t currently great. But it is doing well when approached as a research assistant or a chatbot.

But these early reviews of the paid Gemini Advanced plan were much needed, as Google will now know what to focus on. Also, Google updates the AI assistant quite frequently. So, expect some of the changes to be in effect pretty soon.

Google Gemini Advanced vs Free Gemini

Want to learn more about Google Gemini’s free and Advanced Plan? Well, understanding their nuances goes beyond a simple cost comparison. Here’s a detailed breakdown to make the difference seem much clearer:

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Free Gemini

  • Access:Ā Open to all, seamlessly integrated within Gmail and the Google app.
  • Strengths:Ā Ideal for everyday tasks like translations, summaries, and short creative writing prompts. User-friendly, requiring no signup or technical knowledge.
  • Limitations:Ā It is primarily text-based, with limited ability to handle complex reasoning, nuanced situations, or image processing. On this plan, the AI assistant might struggle with tasks requiring deeper understanding or creative flourishes.


Google Gemini Advanced Plan

  • Access:Ā Currently requires a premium Google One subscription. But the good news is that there is a free trial option available.
  • Strengths:Ā Unlocks the full potential of Gemini Ultra, Google’s most advanced AI model. As Google says, it excels at complex tasks like code generation and advanced creative writing. It also aims to tackle nuanced prompts. Also, the paid Google Gemini Advanced plan can handle image processing and multimodal interactions. This opens the doors to richer experiences.
  • Limitations:Ā Lacks current integration with existing apps like Gmail and Docs. But Google plans to introduce these with future releases. Also, it requires a paid subscription, which might not be feasible for everyone.

Google Gemini

Which is Right for You?

Consider your primary usage when making your choice:

  • For basic needs and casual interactions: The free version offers a convenient and accessible entry point to AI assistance.
  • For power users, researchers, or creative professionals: The Advanced Plan unlocks Gemini’s full potential, tackling intricate tasks and pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities.

Remember, the free trial for the Advanced Plan provides a valuable opportunity to test-drive its features and see if it aligns with your workflow. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and budget. You can learn more from the official Google Gemini Advanced introductory post (link).

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