OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Says He’s Impressed by the Apple Vision Pro

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The Apple Vision Pro is the company’s biggest product launch since the Apple AirPods. As a new product in the brand’s portfolio, the device has garnered much attention. From competitors to mainstream media to big names of different organizations, everyone is expressing their opinion about the mixed-reality headset.

On the note of big names of companies, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has also shared his two cents on Apple Vision Pro. More specifically, Altman says that it is the “second most impressive tech since the iPhone.”

Sam Altman Also Talks About the Name of the Apple Vision Pro

The CEO of OpenAI didn’t exactly say what aspect of the Apple Vision Pro impressed him. But the fact that he mentioned the iPhone hints that he’s overall impressed by what Apple did with the device. To look back, the Cupertino giant unveiled its first phone back in 2007.

Right then, Apple started to shift the smartphone industry. Before the release of the iPhone, the industry mostly had button phones. While there were touch phones, it made most major brands shift to a new and refreshed design. Likewise, Apple has a ton of responsibility with the Vision Pro.

Getting back to Sam Altman’s opinion, the OpenAI CEO talked a bit about the naming of Apple Vision Pro. He admits that ChatGPT has a worse name than what Apple has named the device. But at this point, everyone knows what the chatbot does. So, even if some users don’t like the name of the chatbot, there’s no going back now.

Of course, Apple Vision Pro is still in the early days now. It’s also worth noting that the mixed-reality headset is now only available in the US. So, when it does land on the other markets, more and more people will know what it brings to the table.

Main Highlights of the Mixed-reality Headset

Is this your first time hearing about the Apple Vision Pro? Don’t know what it does? Let’s give you a quick rundown of the main highlights:

Spatial Experience That’s Beyond the Screen

Imagine pulling a 3D object from your favorite app and inspecting it from every angle, right in front of you. Vision Pro makes that possible, seamlessly integrating digital content with your physical world. This “infinite canvas” opens doors for immersive experiences.

Vision Pro apps

Reimagined FaceTime with Apple Vision Pro

Gone are the days of flat video calls. With Vision Pro, FaceTime transforms into a life-size, 3D experience. Using digital avatars called “Personas,” you can connect with others as if you’re sharing the same space, complete with natural hand and eye tracking. Imagine collaborating on a project or catching up with loved ones, feeling truly present despite physical distance.

Bringing Memories Back to Life

Vision Pro boasts a 3D camera, capturing the depth and detail of your precious moments. Relive them with stunning realism, complete with immersive Spatial Audio that places you right back in the scene. Plus, your existing photos and videos get a new lease on life, scaling to incredible sizes and transforming panoramas into breathtaking, wrap-around experiences.

Spatial video on iPhone 15 Pro

Apple Vision Pro Combines Power and Comfort

The innovative dual-chip design ensures smooth performance, allowing you to do most things on the headset. And the lightweight and comfortable design of the mixed-reality headset extends wearability. Vision Pro also prioritizes accessibility, offering features that cater to diverse needs.

Apple Vision Pro

Pricing and Availability of the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is now available for purchase in the US. Its starting price is $3499, which is quite steep, but it’s the first of its kind from Apple. The main competitor for the mixed-reality headset, at least for now, is the Meta Quest 3. You can learn more about these two devices from the video attached below.

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