Android 15 adds a new “notification cooldown” function

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Are you tired of your phone vibrating due to continuous notifications from the same source? In the recently released developer preview of Android 15, Google introduced a new feature called “Notification Cooldown”. The new “Notification Cooldown” feature in Android 15 is designed to address the issue of excessive and repetitive notifications. It offers a quieter and less disruptive notification experience for users. This feature aims to improve concentration, reduce interruptions, and prevent users from being overwhelmed by a constant stream of notifications.

Android 15

Introducing Android 15’s “Notification Cooldown” Function

Android 15, is the latest iteration of the Android operating system. It introduces a new feature called “Notification Cooldown,” which aims to tackle the problem of notification overload. The “notification cooldown” function is active by default. Users can choose to apply it to all notifications or only to conversation notifications. This feature is undoubtedly very useful for users who are often bombarded by lively group chat messages.

Specifically, when a notification is first sent from the same app or conversation, the phone’s sound volume will remain normal. However, subsequent notifications from the same source will gradually decrease in volume. It’s worth noting that these repeating notifications are not completely silenced. Instead, the volume of the notification lets users know that they are coming from the same source. This means that even if you choose to ignore a notification, you’ll be able to tell it apart by the sound when a new one arrives.

Addressing Notification Overload

The “Notification Cooldown” feature is a response to the frustration caused by repeated notifications from the same app. With this new functionality, Android 15 aims to eliminate the annoyance and frustration of continuous alerts, providing a quieter and less disruptive notification experience for users.

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It should be noted that the “Notification Cooldown” feature has a timer that will reset after some time. Once reset, new notifications will come out at full volume, even from the same app or conversation from a previous notification. At the moment, users can not customise the timer. Also, the timer is currently hidden and there is no way to know how long the “cooldown” will take before resetting.  Nevertheless, if a user wants a notification from a source to ring out, they can deactivate the notification cooldown feature.

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Android 15

The addition of the “Notification Cooling” feature will undoubtedly bring an increasingly user-friendly experience to Android 15. However, it will not replace existing notification management options. Google plans to achieve “platform stability” for Android 15 in June this year. The official release to the public will take several months.

Enhancing Focus and Reducing Interruptions

The concept behind the “Notification Cooldown” feature is to improve concentration and reduce disruptions by controlling the frequency of alerts. This function lowers the volume of successive notifications that come from the same app, preventing users from getting too many loud notifications alert.

Final Words

The “Notification Cooldown” feature in Android 15 is a significant addition that offers a quieter approach to managing notifications. It is designed to prevent users from being overwhelmed by too many notifications and to provide a more seamless and focused user experience. This new feature will also enhance the user experience by addressing notification overload, improving concentration, and reducing interruptions. This new feature reflects Google’s commitment to providing users with more control over their notification settings and a quieter, less disruptive notification experience.

No doubt, this feature will be very useful to people who belong to very large groups. If you do not want to mute the notifications and do not want to archive the group, then this feature is another great option. What do you think about this new feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

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