Best Sleep Trackers – 4 Top Picks for a Restful Sleep in Early 2024

Best Sleep Trackers

You can be your best self without a good night’s sleep. That’s a fact! But with so many things going on in our daily lives, it can be hard to track how well you’re sleeping every day. That’s basically where the best sleep trackers step in.

These handy smart devices can offer insight into what’s making you toss and turn in bed. Good sleep trackers can even make it easier to build a healthy sleeping habit. But which ones should you consider? Below, you will find details on the top 4 sleep tracking devices that you can purchase right now. 

Oura Ring Horizon – Best Sleep Tracking Ring

Oura Ring Horizon Sleep Tracking ring

For those seeking the gold standard of sleep tracking, the Oura Ring Horizon emerges as a shining star. Unlike bulky wristbands, this sleek titanium ring slips comfortably onto your finger, seamlessly integrating into your daily life. But its true magic lies beneath the surface, with hospital-grade sensors capturing a wealth of sleep data.

Accuracy is paramount, and the Oura Ring delivers. Equipped with infrared sensors for heart rate and respiration, a temperature sensor, and a 3D accelerometer, it paints a detailed picture of your slumber. You get objective data on:

  • Total sleep
  • Sleep stages (REM, light, deep)
  • Restfulness
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Resting heart rate

But the Oura Ring goes beyond mere data collection. It offers personalized insights to help you optimize your sleep routine. Uncover your chronotype (are you an early bird or a night owl?) and receive guidance on naps.

Advanced features unlock with a $6 monthly membership. It grants you access to sleep score breakdowns, advanced readiness assessments, and guided meditations. Still unsure? Even without the membership, you gain valuable insights into many things. That includes your sleep patterns. This smart sleep tracker is an easy choice!

Main Highlights of Oura Ring Horizon

  • Has a sleek and lightweight build
  • Offers detailed insight into sleep
  • Helps to improve sleep quality
  • Comfortable to wear

Ultrahuman Ring Air – Best Sleep Tracker Ring With No Subscription Required

Ultrahuman Ring Air sleep tracker ring

Want a powerful sleep tracker without the subscription commitment? You would want to check out the Ultrahuman Ring Air. This lightweight ring, crafted from fighter jet-grade titanium, seamlessly blends into your life without weighing you down.

The sleep tracking smart ring is packed with medical-grade sensors. With them, it delves deep into your slumber, unveiling insights previously hidden in the darkness. But what’s really important is that the sleep tracker prioritizes accuracy. Its PPG sensor, temperature sensor, and motion-sensing IMU work in concert to paint a detailed picture of your sleep stages.

This ring also offers heart rate, heart rate variability, and even body temperature readings. No more guesswork – you get concrete data to understand your sleep patterns. But the Ultrahuman Ring Air offers more than just data dumps. Its accompanying app provides valuable insights and actionable advice.

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Subscription fatigue? Worry not! Unlike some competitors, the Ultrahuman Ring Air empowers you with all its features without requiring a monthly fee. This makes it a budget-friendly option for serious sleep trackers.

Main Highlights of Ultrahuman Ring Air

  • Features a premium build
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Doesn’t require any subscription
  • Has multiple sensors to offer accurate data

Apple Watch Series 9 – Best Sleep Tracking Watch for iPhone

Apple Watch Series 9

Don’t like ring sleep trackers? Want a watch instead? Well, if you have an iPhone, you should consider the Apple Watch Series 9.

Before you ask, yes, sleep tracking was already available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later. But the newer watches throw in blood oxygen and temperature measurements, providing a more holistic picture.

You can leverage the Apple ecosystem’s strength with the Series 9. Set bedtime routines and sleep targets. All will get seamlessly synced with your iPhone. Wind down reminders gently usher you towards a restful night, and the subtle morning alarm ensures a peaceful awakening, minus the rude shock of a blaring ringtone.

But do note that your experience will be better with it than with other sleep trackers. Charts in the Health app can be clunky and difficult to decipher. The depth isn’t as high as you get in other apps. But on the bright side, you also get fitness and health tracking. Also, the watch is comfortable to wear.

Main Highlights of Apple Watch Series 9

  • Fits seamlessly in the Apple ecosystem
  • Offers health and fitness tracking
  • Helps to build a healthy sleep routine
  • Comfortable build quality

Whoop 4.0 – Best Sleep Tracker Band

Whoop 4.0 sleep tracking band

Looking for a sleep tracker that dives deep into biometrics and recovery? Look no further than the Whoop 4.0. This screenless band, packed with sensors and a spinning motor, goes beyond basic sleep-tracking.

But be prepared to spend a little. Whoop requires a $30 monthly membership, granting access to its treasure trove of data and insights. The good news? You get some of the most detailed sleep tracking available. Dive into hours slept, restorative sleep quality, wakefulness, and respiratory rate.

The sleep tracker even dives into factors that other sleep trackers don’t. For example, it considers caffeine and alcohol intake influencing your sleep. The Whoop app transforms into your guide to better sleep. It analyzes your daily activities and recommends an ideal sleep duration.

Additionally, the app provides personalized insights and resources to help you craft a winning nighttime routine, ensuring your sleep is truly restorative.

Main Highlights of Whoop 4.0

  • Screenless and distraction-free
  • Provides detailed insights on sleep
  • Considers unique aspects to help you sleep better
  • Has a great companion app
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