Creality Unveils Falcon2 Pro, Bring Innovations for All Your Passions

Creality Falcon2 Pro
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Creality has been listening to and attaching great importance to the valuable feedback from our users. The enthusiasm supported by our users has become a powerful driving force for our unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and product upgrades. Through in-depth R&D and careful improvements, Creality is on the verge of launching the first enclosed 40W laser engraving machine – the Creality Falcon2 Pro ! Meet the creative needs of cutting upgrades and engraving advancements.


Certified Class 1 Laser Cutter and Engraver

Safe and 360° Visible

Class 1 safety means the machine is safe to use under all normal conditions. Creality Falcon2 Pro adopts visual cover for 360° visual design, deep red, highly transparent cover with excellent light-filtering capability, for eye-friendly viewing and you can completely free from the constraints of protective glasses. With curved surface and external buttons, unique and convenient.

Creality Falcon2 Pro

Triple Monitoring Systems

Falcon2 Pro is built with 3 monitoring systems, including airflow monitoring, lens monitoring and flame monitoring, letting you feel easier to engrave and cut your masterpieces. Airflow monitoring indicates the current airflow volume and enables you to adjust it based on your engraving needs. Lens monitoring will trigger an alarm if the lens is dirty enough, and flame monitoring will remind you if a flame is detected.

Five Safety Protections

While improving the engraving and cutting performance, this laser engraver also improves its safety performance to protect your peace of mind. Falcon2 Pro is equipped with 5 safety protections, including bidirectional limit switch, active stop function, security lock design, emergency stop button and laser protective cover. 

Bidirectional limit switch and active stop function help the machine work orderly, avoid accidental collisions, and protect the machine and the works that are engraved or cut. Security lock design, emergency stop button and laser protective cover are there for a better user experience, letting you engrave or cut without worry.

Creality Falcon2 Pro

Pilot Technology, Built-in Top Camera for Accurate Alignment

Built-in top camera for accurate alignment, ensuring full-frame functionality. Upgraded curved cover and built-in camera for precise compatibility with extensive processing.

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Creality Falcon2 Pro

Exceptional Cutting Capacity

Creality Falcon2 Pro has switchable laser modules, including 40W, 22W.

Gizchina News of the week

Bonus a 1.6W laser module with 40W, specifically designed for engraving more details. Creality Falcon2 Pro makes it easier to cut through even thicker materials. It can cut 20mm wood with one pass, giving you more freedom to cut and create thicker wood products.

Creality Falcon2 Pro

Small Machine, Big Achievements

Creality Falcon2 Pro accommodates a large working area of 15.75*16.34 inches (400*415mm), the overall size of the machine has not increased and you can enjoy more convenient placement.

Drawer Design, Good Helper for Desktop Organization

The metal drawer design can store the debris generated by creation. Simply pull, pour and wipe to easily clean up. Bidding farewell to clutter worries and enjoy the joy of creation.

Fence Type Protection Strip, Heat and Smoke Dissipation

Special oxidation process, visually appealing and wear-resistant finish. And you can switch to a flat mode too to create small, flexible works.

Integrated Air Assist

Adjusting the airflow with automatically or manually to create perfect projects. This new air assist is engineered to remove smoke and protect the laser lens during engraving and cutting, ensuring a cleaner result.

Extensive Compatibility

Compatible with a variety of systems, including Windows and macOS systems, and software such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn.

Support Offline Creating

Just insert a TF card, and you can feel free to create anytime, anywhere.

Rotary Engraving

Engraving exclusive marks on items such as water cups and baseball paired with Creality Rotary Kit Pro.

This product provides a comprehensive solution for enthusiasts at an affordable price. Designed for DIY enthusiasts, designers, craftsmen, woodworkers, small businesses and educators looking for a cost-effective, powerful laser solution. With the help of the FNPALL10 discount code you can also get it even cheaper.

Let’s enjoy the fun of laser engraving and cutting!

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