Samsung’s One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI: What is it and how will it work?

Samsung One UI 6.1

Samsung Electronics has made significant strides in bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and widespread accessibility. Their latest move? Rolling out a suite of powerful AI features, previously exclusive to top-tier models, to a wider range of Galaxy devices through the new One UI 6.1 update. This move democratizes mobile AI, empowering millions of users with tools that enhance communication, productivity, and creativity.

Democratizing Mobile AI: Samsung Expands Galaxy AI Features to More Devices

Unleashing the Power of Communication:

Breaking down language barriers is now easier than ever. Users can leverage Chat Assist to adjust message tones for a more nuanced and professional approach, while real-time translation in 13 languages ensures seamless communication regardless of location. Live Translate facilitates natural phone conversations, translating voice and text simultaneously, while Interpreter offers a convenient split-screen interface for spontaneous interactions.

Boosting Productivity:

Searching for information just got smarter with Circle to Search. This intuitive feature empowers users to find relevant content across their device and the web, seamlessly integrating with Google for a comprehensive experience. Note Assist and Browsing Assist become productivity powerhouses, organizing notes and keeping users updated with relevant news articles, respectively. Additionally, Transcript Assist transcribes and summarizes meeting recordings, streamlining information capture and review.

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Unlocking Creative Potential:

Galaxy AI ignites artistic expression with innovative tools like Generative Edit. This magic wand resizes, repositions, and even realigns objects in photos. While Edit Suggestion provides quick and smart recommendations for photo enhancements. Capturing fleeting moments becomes effortless with Instant Slow-mo, which generates additional frames for stunning slow-motion videos.

Personalization Made Easy:

Expressing individuality is paramount in today’s digital world. Galaxy AI caters to this desire by generating personalized wallpapers, allowing users to effortlessly decorate their devices with unique flair.

Broader Accessibility:

Starting from the end of March, the One UI 6.1 update will bring these Galaxy AI features to the Galaxy S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold5, Z Flip5, and Tab S9 series. This widespread availability reflects Samsung’s commitment to making AI accessible to over 100 million Galaxy users by the end of 2024.

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More Than Just Features:

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, emphasizes the company‘s vision: “Our aim with Galaxy AI is not only to lead the way in a new era of mobile AI but also to empower users by ensuring AI is readily accessible.” This expansion marks just the beginning of Samsung’s journey into democratizing mobile AI. They are committed to continuous innovation, unlocking the boundless potential of AI for millions of users around the world.

In Conclusion:

With the One UI 6.1 update, Samsung takes a significant step towards making mobile AI more inclusive and impactful. By equipping their devices with powerful AI features like communication translation, productivity boosters, and creative tools, Samsung empowers users to connect, create, and work with greater ease and effectiveness. This democratization of AI paves the way for a future where intelligent technology is not a luxury reserved for the few, but a powerful tool within everyone’s reach.

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