Gemini Introduces Google Calendar Integration

Gemini Calendar

After recent reminders, Gemini on Android has gained the ability to access your Google Calendar events and create new events through voice commands. This was a significant feature missing at the launch, and it was on Google’s initial list of priorities for improvement.

Now, commands such as “show me my calendar” or “do I have any upcoming calendar events” will function properly. Previously, users received a message, as of our last check on Friday, saying, “Unfortunately, I don’t have access to your calendar yet. I am still learning how to do that.”

How Does Gemini Use Google Calendar to Create Events? Gemini Calendar

Gemini is using Google Assistant to fulfill this request, displaying events inline and providing a shortcut to open the full Calendar app.

You can also say, “add an event to my calendar,” and Gemini will prompt you to fill out the details by voice or manually. This feature should have been available from the start and is a basic capability of a phone assistant. Another anticipated capability is playing music, and users are looking forward to adding items to their shopping list with Gemini.

Gemini Google Calendar support is being observed in the US today, but it might not be fully rolled out for all users yet.

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Gemini and Calendar Integration: How will this Feature Benefit Users? Gemini Calendar

Here are three key ways Gemini’s ability to access calendar and create events with voice commands can benefit Android users:

  1. Streamlined Scheduling:
  • Say goodbye to manually typing in event details. Simply use your voice to tell Gemini to “Create a doctor’s appointment on March 15th at 2:00 PM” or “Add a birthday dinner reservation for Sarah on Saturday at 7:00 PM.” This simplifies and speeds up the process, integrating seamlessly into your busy life.
  1. Hands-Free Convenience:
  • Whether you’re driving, cooking, or exercising, you can now manage your schedule without needing to stop and type. This is especially beneficial in situations where your hands are occupied, or typing is inconvenient. Simply call upon Gemini and let it handle your calendar updates.
  1. Reduced Friction in Planning:
  • Scheduling events often involves multiple steps like checking your availability, confirming dates with others, or finding an appropriate time. Gemini can now assist with these tasks, reducing the friction associated with planning. Ask questions like “Am I free on Tuesday afternoon?” or “Schedule a meeting with my team next week,” and let Gemini work out the details based on your calendar information.
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