Samsung Galaxy AI is now available on the Try Galaxy App for iOS and other Android Users

Galaxy AI on Try Galaxy

Each year, Samsung brings out something eye-catching or innovative that becomes a major standout feature of its latest flagship phones. Last year, it was the brand-new 200 MP main camera and Snapdragon for Galaxy chipset. This year, it’s the Samsung Galaxy AI, which brings a bunch of AI-enhanced features to enhance the user experience.

But what’s the point of having a standout feature when people can’t experience it before buying the smartphone? Well, Samsung thought of that. To make the other Android and iPhone users experience what the new smartphones bring to the table, Samsung has updated the Try Galaxy web app. It now has the Galaxy AI features.

About Samsung Galaxy AI on Try Galaxy

The thing about the Galaxy AI features is that they are best experienced first-hand. These AI-enhanced features aren’t something that you can gauge by taking a look at the spec sheet. But any company can promise vague marketing terms and make users jump to their new products.

Samsung Try Galaxy One UI 5.1.1

Well, Samsung wants people to get a glimpse of what Galaxy AI can offer before they make the switch. That’s why it has updated the Try Galaxy app with a couple of new features. Users of other Android phones and iOS devices can test them out by themselves to figure out whether the new smartphones are worth it.

Of course, it should be noted that Samsung launched the Try Galaxy focusing on iOS users. The South Korean firm wanted to win Apple users over. But, now, the app is available for all Android devices. So, you can say that Samsung is now trying to win over customers from other companies too.

How’s the Experience on the New and Updated Web App?

To try out the new and updated Try Galaxy web, you just need to visit from a web browser. Follow the instructions on the screen, and you will be all set. Of course, for Android users, it’s best to download the official Try Galaxy app, as it ensures a much smoother experience. The Galaxy AI features will also work better on the mobile app.

One UI 5.1.1 features on Try Galaxy

As for how the experience is, it feels very much like running One UI 6.1 on your phone. But as it’s just for giving you a glimpse, you only get demos of the features. That is, the Try Galaxy doesn’t give you a full experience of what Samsung offers. Instead, it walks you through and gives you an idea of what the latest phones can offer.

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One good part is that Try Galaxy with the Samsung Galaxy AI features is now available in 20 different languages. So, you don’t need to worry about any language barriers if you’re thinking of giving it a spin.

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About the Galaxy AI Features

While the Try Galaxy app offers a taste of the Galaxy AI experience, let’s delve deeper into what these features actually are:

Call Assist

One of the convenient Galaxy AI features is Call Assist. It uses real-time translation during voice calls. Through this, the new smartphones break down language barriers and make communication seamless. Imagine having smooth conversations with anyone globally, regardless of their language.
Samsung Galaxy AI Launch

Chat Assist

Galaxy AI also considers your chatting experience. With Chat Assist, the new phones enhance your messaging experience. It can suggest appropriate responses and grammar corrections and even translate entire messages on the fly.

Note Assist

Samsung’s Galaxy AI isn’t just about phone calls and chats. It also aims to make you more productive. One such feature is Note Assist. With it, you can take smarter notes with AI. This feature helps by automatically summarizing key points, generating templates for different note types, and even translating your handwritten notes into digital text.

Galaxy AI

Photo Editing Assist of Galaxy AI

Do you struggle to get the right look on your captures? You can get expert-level photo editing suggestions from AI. It analyzes your photos and suggests improvements. These improvements range from object removal to background replacement and even automatic color correction.

Galaxy S24 Ultra

Circle to Search

Samsung partnered with Google for this feature of Galaxy AI. It lets you search for information by drawing a circle around any object or text. What’s more interesting is that you can draw a circle within an image or webpage. No more tedious typing or navigating through menus.

Google Circle to Search

Browsing Assist of Galaxy AI

With Browsing Assist, you can streamline your online reading experience. It gives you AI-powered summaries of lengthy web pages. With highlights of the key points, you can save a lot of time.

Galaxy S24 seriesThese are just a few examples of the many AI-powered features available on the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones. There are to discover on the latest Galaxy smartphones. With Samsung Galaxy AI, the company aims to not only provide powerful hardware but also an intelligent and user-friendly experience that seamlessly integrates with your daily life.

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