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Best Handheld Gaming PCs

Remember the days of lugging around a bulky laptop only for a little gaming session while commuting? Those days are over! Thanks to advancements in mobile processors, we now have some of the best handheld gaming PCs ever.

These powerful portable consoles offer a compelling alternative to traditional gaming laptops. Some are even good alternatives to desktops. Not only are they light enough to take anywhere, but they’re also surprisingly capable. Many handheld PCs can handle demanding Full HD games. Also, the most cutting-edge models can tackle anything you throw at them from your Steam or Microsoft Game Pass library.

But not all handheld gaming PCs are built the same. Some are just too weak to play modern games. On the other hand, there are some that are too expensive for the hardware they bring. So, how do you choose the best of the best? Well, that’s where this guide steps in. Below, you will find details of some of the top-rated handhelds that are worth every penny!

Steam Deck OLED – The Best Overall Handheld Gaming PC for Most

Steam Deck OLED

Looking for the top dog in the handheld gaming PC arena? Look no further than the Valve Steam Deck OLED. This upgraded version of the 2022 model packs a punch in several key areas.

Power? Check. Steam Deck boasts a growing library of “Verified” titles that run flawlessly on the console.

The display is a sight to behold. The 7.4-inch OLED screen delivers rich blacks, vibrant colors, and impressive brightness. It even exceeds some mid-range laptops! Advanced cooling ensures comfortable gaming sessions. The device stays cool even during the play of resource-intensive games.

Say goodbye to clunky interfaces. The Steam Deck OLED runs on a smooth, proprietary SteamOS, letting you focus on the game, not navigating a complex operating system. Gaming performance is solid, offering an enjoyable 800p resolution for most titles.

Surprisingly, for a handheld device, the sound is robust and has ample volume. Fan noise is minimal, only noticeable when the speakers are muted. Ergonomics have also been improved, making the OLED Deck a comfortable choice. Battery life is a major upgrade too. It offers 30-50% more playtime between charges.

Main Highlights of Steam Deck

  • Can play a lot of modern games.
  • Has a beautiful OLED screen.
  • Ergonomic and has a comfortable design.
  • Reliable battery life.

Asus ROG Ally – Best Value Handheld Gaming PC

Asus Rog Ally Body

If you crave raw power and aren’t afraid of a little tinkering, the ASUS ROG Ally might be your handheld gaming soulmate. Unlike the Steam Deck’s locked-down operating system, the Ally runs on Windows 11, granting access to games from a wider range of platforms like Epic, GOG, and Xbox Game Pass. This is a huge advantage for gamers with existing libraries on these platforms.

But this flexibility comes with a price. Windows 11 isn’t exactly optimized for handheld gaming, and the Ally can feel more like a miniaturized laptop than a console. Games might require tinkering with settings or button bindings, and navigating the Windows interface with buttons can be clunky. While ASUS offers a software hub to streamline the experience, it’s not a perfect solution.

However, the Ally makes up for these quirks with impressive performance. Opt for the model with the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU – the extra power translates to smoother gameplay and higher frame rates in demanding titles compared to the Steam Deck. The Ally also boasts a sharper 1080p display with a faster refresh rate and support for variable refresh rates, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. Despite packing this punch, the Ally is surprisingly lighter and thinner than the Steam Deck.

Battery life is the Ally’s Achilles’ heel. Expect two to four hours of playtime, even less with demanding games. This somewhat defeats the purpose of a portable device, so keep that in mind if battery life is a priority.

Main Highlights of Asus ROG Ally

  • Packs powerful hardware.
  • Runs Windows out of the box.
  • Good overall design.
  • Great battery life.

Lenovo Legion Go – Best Large Screen Handheld Gaming PC

Lenovo Legion Go Handheld

The Lenovo Legion Go boasts a stunning 8.8-inch display. It has one of the largest screens available for a gaming handheld. And it can offer near bezel-less experience for immersive gaming.

But this expansive screen comes at a slight cost. The Legion Go is a bit heavier and bulkier than some competitors. However, fear not! Detachable side controllers transform the Go from a handheld device to a desktop console. Thanks to its built-in kickstand, setting it up is an easy task too.

Performance-wise, the Go packs a punch. Navigating Windows may take some getting used to. However, once you’re in the game, you’re in for a treat.

Sound quality is also decent, though it can get a little tinny at times. Thankfully, the speakers get plenty loud – even at 15-20% volume. However, the cooling fan can be noticeable, so it’s a good idea to use headphones.

Main Highlights of Lenovo Legion Go

  • A versatile design.
  • Large screen for immersive gaming.
  • Good speaker setup.
  • Great gaming performance.

Ayaneo Slide – Best Handheld Gaming PC With a Built-in Keyboard

Ayaneo Slide

The Ayaneo Slide enters the ring with an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor, packing eight cores and 16 threads to tackle demanding games. Graphics are handled by the integrated AMD Radeon 780M GPU.

But the Slide’s true innovation lies in its design. Taking inspiration from the PSP form factor, it boasts a vibrant 6-inch IPS display with impressive brightness and color coverage. Here’s where things get exciting: the Slide lives up to its name with a smooth-sliding mechanism that reveals a full QWERTY keyboard. This isn’t just any keyboard – it features RGB backlighting for a true gamer aesthetic. Plus, the screen can tilt up to 30 degrees for a comfortable playing position.

Of course, the Slide doesn’t neglect traditional gaming controls. It features a D-pad, joystick, and all the essential buttons, all illuminated with RGB lighting to match the keyboard. Under the hood, you’ll find a 46.2 Wh battery, up to 64GB of RAM, and a whopping 4TB of potential storage. For wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 keep you covered. A 3+2 cooling system with high-pressure turbine fans ensures the Slide stays cool even during intense gaming sessions.

Main Highlights of Ayaneo Slide

  • Powerful internals.
  • Great IPS screen.
  • Has a built-in QWERTY keyboard.
  • Features a reliable battery.
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