Stop your phone from dying: A guide to preventing fast battery drain

Prevent fast battery drain

Tired of finding your phone at 0% just moments after charging it fully? Found your phone not being able to hold its charge even when you’re not doing anything on it? Well, what you’re facing is the infamous fast battery drain issue. Most users face it at one point or another.

The good part is that the fix doesn’t always require you to replace the battery. Yes, you can prevent your phone’s battery from draining fast. Want to know how? That’s exactly where this guide steps in. Below, you will find everything that you need to know about the topic. So, keep on reading!

Why Does Phone Battery Drain Fast?

There could be many reasons why your phone can’t hold its charge for long. But, in general, these could be the reasons behind the fast battery drain:

High Brightness and Too Many Background Apps

High brightness is a major factor in battery drain. Lowering the brightness can help a lot. Too many background processes can also hinder your phone from retaining its charge. And the thing is, many apps can run in the background even when you’re not using them.

Constant Use of GPS Can Also Contribute to Battery Drain

Using location services for GPS, weather apps, or fitness trackers can quickly drain your battery.

battery drain

Email Overload and Connectivity

If your phone is constantly checking for new emails, it’s like a car constantly idling, using up battery. Besides that, Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular data searching for connections can drain your battery.

Outdated Software and Notification Overload

Older software might not be optimized for battery efficiency. Apps may not even run properly on an outdated phone. Also, a constant stream of notifications lighting up your screen uses battery power.

How to Prevent Fast Battery Drain on Your Phone

You could do a couple of things to fix the fast battery drain issue. Among all, these are the most effective:

Disable Background Processes

This is often the biggest culprit. Many apps sneakily run in the background. They can continue to run even when you’re not using them. Android offers a built-in feature to restrict background activity. This helps ensure apps don’t consume power when they’re not needed.

iPhone battery drain

Review App Permissions and Disable Unnecessary Features to Prevent Fast Battery Drain

Carefully consider the permissions granted to each app. Does a music player really need location access? Limiting unnecessary permissions can improve battery life. Also, many apps have features you might not use. Look for settings to turn off features like location tracking or background refresh for apps that don’t require them.

Limit the Power-draining Apps

Some apps may consume too much power than required. These will make your phone battery drain fast. First, identify battery-hungry apps through the battery monitoring feature found in settings. Look for something called “battery usage” or “battery.”

Once you’ve identified the battery hogs, you can take action! Many phones allow you to restrict the power usage of these apps. This specific feature will help prevent the fast battery drain issue.

Fast battery drain

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Change App Notification Settings to Prevent Fast Battery Drain

A constant stream of notifications can also drain your phone’s battery. In most cases, it’s from apps that don’t need to send too many push notifications. For example, shopping apps are notorious for sending a barrage of notifications. Check your notification settings and see which apps are the most frequent senders.

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Once you’ve identified the notification spammers, you can take control! Most apps allow you to customize notification settings. Disable notifications for apps that aren’t critical.

Turn on Dark Mode

Many apps and system settings now offer a “dark mode” or “night mode.” This mode reduces screen brightness by using darker colors. This is particularly effective on phones with OLED or AMOLED displays. Besides preventing the fast battery drain issue, the dark mode also lowers the stain on your eyes.

Phone brightness

Optimize Display Settings

This might seem obvious, but reducing screen brightness is a major battery saver. Lowering the brightness even slightly can extend your battery life. Many phones offer an “automatic brightness” setting that adjusts the screen’s brightness based on ambient light. This is a convenient way to ensure you have good visibility while still saving battery.

Also, shorten the screen timeout. This refers to the amount of time your screen stays lit after you stop using your phone. Reducing the screen timeout ensures your screen doesn’t stay on unnecessarily, draining your battery.

Limit Location Services To Prevent Fast Battery Drain

Many apps, like weather or fitness trackers, rely on location services. However, constant location tracking can drain your battery. Review which apps have access to location services and restrict access to “only while using the app” whenever possible.

Consider Changing the Connectivity Settings

Many apps, like email or social media, constantly sync data in the background. This background activity can drain your battery. Review your sync settings and adjust them to sync less frequently. You can also make them sync only when you’re connected to WiFi. This will help a lot in stopping battery drain.

disabling networks to stop fast battery drain

Use Battery Saving Modes

Modern Android phones come equipped with a built-in weapon against battery drain: power-saving mode. This mode automatically adjusts various settings to conserve battery life. Activating battery-saving mode is easy too. For most phones, you need to follow these few steps:

  • Navigate to your phone’s Settings menu.
  • Look for a section labeled “Battery” or “Battery Saver.”
  • Within this section, you’ll find the option to enable power-saving mode.

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Extra Tips to Prevent Your Phone’s Battery From Draining Fast

  • Avoid leaving your phone in areas with too high or low temperatures. Both can damage your phone’s battery and make it drain fast.
  • Uninstall the unnecessary apps. The clutter that they leave can limit your phone’s ability to optimize its battery life.
  • Consider carrying a power bank. This doesn’t particularly help to prevent the fast battery drain issue. But it will give the extra power when needed.
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