Microsoft OneDrive’s Long-Awaited Update: Catch Up to Google Drive’s Features

Microsoft OneDrive

Many people use cloud storage and file-sharing services for their everyday needs, and the most popular ones come from Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Apple iCloud, google drive, and Microsoft OneDrive all offer similar basic functions, but each has its own unique features and ways of doing things. Recently, Microsoft updated OneDrive to include offline capabilities, a feature that Google Drive has offered for a few years already. This update allows users to access and manage their files without an internet connection, bringing OneDrive closer in functionality to its competitors.

Microsoft Announces OneDrive Offline Mode Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft has announced that OneDrive on the web will now feature an offline mode. This new mode enables users to access and use OneDrive in their preferred web browser even without an internet connection. The offline mode is rolling out globally and is available to users of OneDrive accounts associated with work and school. This enhancement ensures that important files and documents are accessible anytime, improving productivity and convenience for users.

To use the new offline mode in OneDrive on the web, you first need to select which files and folders you want to make available for offline access. Once these are designated, you’ll be able to open and use these files even when you’re not connected to the internet. Additionally, you can manage your Local storage space more effectively by setting your local files and folders to be stored online directly from OneDrive on the web. While these functionalities were previously only available through File Explorer on Windows PCs and Finder on Macs, you can now perform these actions directly from your web browser using OneDrive. This update makes file management more convenient and accessible from anywhere.

Microsoft has enhanced OneDrive by introducing an offline mode that expands its functionality when you don’t have an internet connection. In this mode, you can access and interact with various sections of OneDrive, including the Home, My Files, Shared, Favorites, People, and Meeting views. While offline, you can see your folders, file names, and metadata.

Microsoft OneDrive Now Allows Management of Files while OfflineMicrosoft OneDrive

Additionally, the My Files view allows you to perform actions such as renaming, sorting, moving, and copying files. These changes stores locally and will sync automatically with OneDrive once you reconnect to the internet. This feature is particularly useful for continuing productivity without interruption, regardless of your online status.

Google Drive has offered offline functionality for several years, allowing users to prepare for times when they might not have internet access. By selecting the “make file available offline” option, users can ensure that specific files and documents are accessible even without an internet connection. This feature requires some planning, as you need to decide which files to make available offline in advance. However, it’s a valuable tool that facilitates seamless work in environments where internet connectivity may be inconsistent or unavailable, supporting a hybrid work model effectively.

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