Microsoft hints at an Xbox handheld console launch

Xbox handheld console

The news about Microsoft developing an Xbox game handheld first appeared in an FTC document last year. This was further corroborated in March by a subsequent leak which claims that Microsoft plans to launch its first portable game console in 2026. Now, Microsoft has added fuel to these rumours by sending out a survey to participants, asking about their current use of handheld gaming devices and their views on handheld gaming PCs. Notably, the survey inquired whether participants would consider buying another handheld gaming PC in the next five years, and what prompted them to buy one in the first place.

Xbox handheld console

These questions hint that Microsoft is indeed developing an Xbox handheld gaming device. The survey also asked about the importance of the ability to stream games through Xbox Game Pass, suggesting that Microsoft is still weighing whether to focus more on game services or launch its own hardware devices.

Potential Specifications and Release Timeline

The March report stated that Microsoft is currently prototyping a new handheld gaming device. However, it is unclear whether its specs will be better than similar products currently on the market. Considering the potential release time in 2026, if Microsoft chooses to cooperate with AMD, the device will most likely be equipped with a Zen 6 CPU and RDNA 5 integrated graphics card.

This would align with the company’s recent efforts to expand its gaming ecosystem beyond traditional consoles. The Xbox Series X and S have already demonstrated Microsoft’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of console performance. Thus, a handheld device could be the next logical step in their strategy. If Microsoft gets it right, this device might just give it a much-needed big break.

Xbox handheld console

Balancing Hardware and Services

The survey’s question about the importance of Xbox Game Pass streaming suggests that Microsoft is still trying to find the right balance between hardware and services. The company has been heavily invested in its game subscription service, which has seen significant growth in recent years.

However, the potential launch of a dedicated handheld gaming device could indicate that Microsoft sees value in offering a more traditional hardware experience alongside its cloud-based offerings. This could be a way to appeal to a wider range of gamers, from those who prefer the convenience of streaming to those who desire a more dedicated gaming device.

Implications for the Gaming Landscape

The introduction of an Xbox handheld gaming device could have significant implications for the broader gaming landscape. It would mark Microsoft’s first foray into the portable gaming market. This has traditionally been the “home of Nintendo” and, more recently, the rise of mobile gaming.

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Xbox handheld console

A well-executed Xbox handheld could challenge the dominance of the Nintendo Switch, which has been a massive success for the Japanese gaming giant. It could also potentially disrupt the mobile gaming market, particularly if Microsoft can leverage its extensive library of Xbox games and the power of Xbox Game Pass.

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Moreover, the development of an Xbox handheld could signal a shift in Microsoft’s overall gaming strategy. The company has been increasingly focused on expanding its gaming ecosystem beyond the traditional console market, with initiatives like cloud gaming and the integration of Xbox services across various platforms.

Potential Challenges and Considerations

While the prospect of an Xbox handheld gaming device is exciting, Microsoft will likely face several challenges and considerations in bringing such a product to market.

One key challenge will be differentiating the device from the competition and offering a compelling value proposition to consumers. The handheld gaming market is already dense, with the Nintendo Switch and a range of mobile gaming devices vying for attention.

Microsoft will need to carefully consider the device’s hardware specifications, design, and overall user experience to ensure it stands out in the market. Additionally, the company will need to build a strong library of games and ensure seamless integration with its existing Xbox ecosystem, including Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming services.

Another consideration will be the potential impact on Microsoft’s existing console business. While a handheld device could expand the company’s reach and appeal to a wider audience, it could also cannibalize sales of its traditional Xbox consoles. Microsoft will need to strike a delicate balance between these two product lines to ensure they complement each other and drive overall growth for the Xbox brand.


The recent survey and rumours surrounding Microsoft’s plans for a handheld Xbox gaming device suggest that the company is actively exploring this market opportunity. While the specifics of the device and its release timeline remain uncertain, the potential implications for the gaming industry are significant.

If Microsoft can successfully launch a compelling handheld gaming device, it could disrupt the established players in the portable gaming space and further solidify the company’s position as a major force in the gaming industry. However, the company will need to navigate a range of challenges and considerations to ensure the success of such a product. It will have a huge task of displacing older brands in this segment.

Ultimately, the development of an Xbox handheld gaming device would be a bold and ambitious move for Microsoft, one that could have far-reaching consequences for the gaming landscape as a whole. What do you think about Microsoft launching an Xbox handheld game console? Will this lead to a possible big break for the company? Or do you think it will be in Nintendo’s shadow? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comment section below.

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