AnTuTu’s Picks for the Most Dominant Android Smartphones

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Choosing the most suitable smartphone can be overwhelming, especially with the ever-expanding array of powerful Android options. This is where performance benchmarking tools like AnTuTu come in handy. By running a suite of tests, AnTuTu objectively ranks smartphones based on their overall processing prowess.

Selecting the Most Powerful Android Smartphone: An AnTuTu Breakdown (April 2024)

AnTuTu, for the unfamiliar, is a popular benchmarking application that evaluates a smartphone’s capabilities across various aspects. These include CPU performance, graphics processing abilities, memory management efficiency, multi-tasking performance, and storage speed. By collating data from these diverse tests, AnTuTu generates a comprehensive score, effectively ranking the most potent Android devices.

As of April 2024, AnTuTu’s ranking places the Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro at the pinnacle, amassing a staggering score of 2,120,210 points. This signifies that the ROG Phone 8 Pro reigns supreme in overall processing power. Hot on its heels is the iQOO 12, securing the second-place position with a score of 2,090,252.

The third position goes to the Red Magic 9 Pro+, achieving a score of 2,080,678. Following closely behind are the vivo X Fold3 Pro, vivo X100 Pro, iQOO 12 Pro, iQOO Neo9 Pro, and OPPO Find X7 Ultra, all exhibiting exceptional performance.

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It’s important to remember that benchmark scores are just one factor to consider when selecting a smartphone. User needs and preferences should also be factored in. While the Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro boasts the top score, gamers might find it ideal, while others might prioritize camera quality or battery life. Consulting the full AnTuTu ranking can provide valuable insights, but it’s crucial to tailor the decision to your specific requirements.

As of April 2024, the most powerful Android smartphone models are listed as follows;

Row Model Points
1 Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro 2 million 120 thousand 210
2 iQOO 12 2 million 90 thousand 252
3 Red Magic 9 Pro+ 2 million 80 thousand 678
4 vivo X Fold3 Pro 2 million 70 thousand 888
5 life X100 Pro 2 million 55 thousand 987
6 iQOO 12 Pro 2 million 43 thousand 315
7 iQOO Neo9 Pro 2 million 41 thousand 988
8 OPPO Find X7 Ultra 2 million 25 thousand 133
9 life X100 2 million 24 thousand 672
10 OnePlus 12 2 million 16 thousand 227
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