Microsoft Edge Beta Unveils A New RAM Limiter

Edge Browser

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in the beta version of its Edge browser that empowers users to manage RAM consumption. This functionality, previously available only in the Canary build (the most experimental testing channel), will reach the stable version of Edge soon.

Microsoft Edge Gains Granular Control Over RAM Usage in Beta Version

The RAM limiter provides users with granular control over how much memory Edge utilizes. This can be particularly beneficial for those who multitask heavily or have limited system memory. Users can choose to activate the limiter during specific scenarios, such as while gaming, to free up resources for other demanding applications. Alternatively, the limiter can be set to continuously regulate Edge’s memory usage, potentially improving system performance overall.

The minimum RAM allocation for Edge is set at 1 GB, with increments of 1 GB allowing for fine-tuning. It’s important to note that setting a very low limit can negatively impact browser performance. Modern websites and web applications often require a certain amount of RAM to function smoothly. Striking a balance between resource management and a seamless browsing experience is key.

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This addition to the Edge beta exemplifies Microsoft‘s commitment to user experience. By providing granular control over RAM usage, users can tailor Edge’s behavior to their specific system configurations and browsing habits. This flexibility can enhance overall system performance and contribute to a more efficient browsing experience.

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