Android 15 new feature: Double-tap with two fingers to enlarge the screen

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Google’s Android 15 system is set to introduce a new screen gesture, the “two-finger double-click,” aimed at enlarging the screen. The new Android 15 screen enlargement gesture should provide users with an additional method to zoom in on their screens efficiently. While this new gesture is promising, it is essential to understand the existing screen enlargement options available in the Android system and the potential impact of this new feature.

Android 15 screen enlargement gesture

Current Screen Enlargement Methods

1. Screen Auxiliary Button: This method is the most convenient but occupies part of the screen, always zooming in the center.
2. Gesture of Holding Down Both Volume Keys: This gesture takes up less screen space but requires a longer activation time.
3. Gesture of Tapping the Screen Three Times Quickly: While allowing precise zooming, this method slows down the device due to the Android system judging based on the user’s click interval.

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The New “Two-Finger Double-Click” Gesture in Android 15

In the Android 15 Beta 1.2 update, Google is introducing the “two-finger double-click” screen gesture as a new way to enlarge the screen. This feature aims to offer users a more intuitive and efficient method of zooming in without significant drawbacks like screen space occupation or device slowdown. However, initial testing by technology media has revealed some insights into the functionality of this new gesture.

Android 15 screen enlargement gesture

Testing and Observations

1. Slight Delay in Screen Clicks: Despite the introduction of the “two-finger double-click” gesture, testing by Android Authority has shown a slight delay in screen clicks after enabling this feature. This delay could be attributed to the feature’s current development stage, indicating the need for further optimization before the official release.
2. Optimization Potential: The observed delay in screen clicks suggests that the new gesture may require additional refinement to enhance its responsiveness and ensure a seamless user experience. Google is likely to address this delay in subsequent updates to optimize the performance of the “two-finger double-click” feature.

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The upcoming addition of the “two-finger double-click” screen gesture in Android 15 presents an exciting development in screen enlargement functionality. While this feature offers a promising alternative for users seeking efficient zooming options, initial testing indicates the need for optimization to eliminate delays in screen clicks. As Google continues to refine this feature, users can look forward to a more seamless and responsive screen enlargement experience in the official release of Android 15.

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