[Rumour] iPhone SE 4 to bring back the notch design

iPhone SE 4
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Apple enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the release of the iPhone SE 4. There are already several reports which suggest that Apple is already working on the new iPhone SE. However, the latest rumours and speculations about this device are on its screen design. According to reports from MyDrivers, Apple’s next SE lineup will bear a striking resemblance to the design of older iPhones. Recall that older iPhone SE models use a top bezel which reduces the overall display area of the phone. The latest speculations claim that Apple will improve the display area of the iPhone SE 4 by using a notch screen. Recent renders from Phonearena and Macrumors have listed the speculated specs of this device and the report also shows that the phone will use a notch device.

iPhone SE 4

Notch Design and Display

The iPhone SE 4 is set to feature a 6.1-inch notch screen design. This design choice marks a return to the iconic notch shape that was first introduced with the iPhone X and has since become a signature feature of Apple’s smartphones. Despite the trend towards notch-less displays in recent models, the iPhone SE 4 embraces this familiar design, providing users with a seamless and recognizable Apple experience. Prior to the notch, iPhones featured thick bezels to accommodate components like the front-facing camera, earpiece, and Home Button with Touch ID. The iPhone X’s notch, which housed Face ID and other sensors, marked a significant redesign and led to a new design language for Apple smartphones.

The notch design persisted through several iPhone generations, with minor adjustments like reducing its width in the iPhone 13. Apple’s recent iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models introduced Dynamic Island, which replaces the traditional notch with a pill-shaped cutout that dynamically adjusts to display content.

Refresh Rate and Display Technology

In terms of display performance, the iPhone SE 4 will maintain a 60Hz refresh rate. While higher refresh rates offer smoother motion and reduced motion blur, Apple has opted to stick with the standard 60Hz refresh rate for the iPhone SE 4. This decision ensures a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness, making the device accessible to a wider range of consumers.

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IPhone SE 4

Face ID and USB-C Interface

One of the notable upgrades in the iPhone SE 4 is the inclusion of Face ID facial recognition technology. By integrating Face ID, Apple enhances the security and convenience of unlocking the device and authenticating transactions. Additionally, the iPhone SE 4 will feature a USB-C interface, a departure from the classic Lightning port. This shift aligns the device with modern connectivity standards, offering users faster data transfer speeds and improved compatibility with a variety of accessories.

Evolution from Previous Models

The iPhone SE 4 marks a departure from its predecessors by eliminating the classic Home button and Touch ID. Instead, Apple has opted for a more streamlined design that prioritizes a larger display and modern biometric authentication methods. By embracing Face ID and a notch screen, this phone aligns with Apple’s current design language while catering to users who prefer a more contemporary smartphone experience.

Pricing and Market Positioning

As the most affordable series in Apple’s mobile phone lineup, the iPhone SE 4 will be quite attractive for iPhone lovers on a budget. This device will also focus on accessibility and value. With this device, Apple aims to attract a broad range of consumers who seek a reliable and feature-rich smartphone without the premium price tag. The pricing details of the iPhone SE 4 are eagerly anticipated, as Apple continues to redefine the boundaries of affordability in the smartphone market.


The upcoming release of the iPhone SE 4 represents a significant milestone in Apple’s smartphone evolution. By blending elements of the iPhone 14 design with modern features such as Face ID and a notch screen, Apple can deliver a compelling device that combines affordability with functionality. As consumers await the official launch of the iPhone SE 4, the anticipation for this budget-friendly yet feature-packed smartphone continues to grow, setting the stage for another successful addition to Apple’s diverse product lineup.

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