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The Google Play Store serves as the central hub for app discovery and installation on Android devices. While alternative app stores exist, the vast majority of users rely on the Play Store for their app needs. However, with the convenience of one-click downloads and multitasking capabilities on Android, it’s not uncommon to download an app and forget to actually launch and use it. Recognizing this common scenario, Google is currently testing a new feature within the Play Store: “Open App Reminders.”

Developers found this feature during an APK teardown, but it’s still under development. It involves analyzing the code within an app to identify potential upcoming features. Teardowns can reveal upcoming features, but keep in mind they might not always make it to the final release.

Google Play Store Testing Reminders for Neglected Downloads

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The “Open App Reminders” feature aims to address the issue of forgotten downloads. If a user downloads an app but doesn’t open it within a predetermined timeframe (potentially 24 hours based on current findings), the Play Store will send a gentle reminder notification. The notification lets users know their app download is complete and ready to use.

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The feature offers a level of flexibility by sending a second reminder if the initial notification is dismissed without opening the app. However, the code suggests that a maximum of two reminders will be sent per app. This approach ensures that users aren’t bombarded with notifications while still offering a helpful nudge towards exploring their downloaded apps.

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The potential benefits of this feature are two-fold. It caters to users who strategically download apps during opportune moments, such as while connected to Wi-Fi. In these cases, the download process might occur in the background, and the user might not be immediately aware of its completion. Additionally, the feature can be particularly helpful for users who, like many of us, download apps with a specific purpose in mind but become sidetracked by other tasks, leading to a forgotten download. A timely reminder can serve as a helpful prompt to revisit the intended purpose of the downloaded app. Play Store code hints at upcoming “Open App Reminders”. This could help users try new apps and clean up their devices. We’ll see how Google refines it based on feedback.

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