Huawei Developer Conference 2024: Yu Chengdong Announces Full Sprint for Hongmeng Native Applications

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At the ongoing Huawei Developer Conference 2024, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s executive director, chairman of the Terminal Business Group (BG), and chairman of the Intelligent Automotive Solutions Business Unit (BU), delivered a significant announcement regarding the company’s advancements with its Hongmeng operating system, also known internationally as HarmonyOS. Yu Chengdong’s keynote highlighted the extensive progress and plans for the Hongmeng native applications.

Huawei Developer Conference 2024

Full Sprint for Hongmeng Native Applications

Yu Chengdong revealed that Hongmeng native applications have entered a full sprint stage, signifying a major push towards integrating these applications deeply into the Huawei ecosystem. According to Yu, all of the Top 5000 applications have been launched, ensuring that they meet 99.9% of user usage time. This marks a significant milestone in Huawei’s efforts to establish a robust and comprehensive application ecosystem. More than 1,500 applications have been put on the shelves, covering all 18 fields, demonstrating the breadth and versatility of the Hongmeng platform.

Huawei Developer Conference 2024

Hongmeng: A Full-Scenario Intelligent Operating System

Yu Chengdong emphasized that Hongmeng is a full-scenario intelligent operating system built on OpenHarmony. “It is an operating system originating from China and is independently controllable,” he stated. This independence is crucial for Huawei as it seeks to mitigate reliance on foreign technology and build a self-sustaining tech ecosystem. The Hongmeng operating system aims to provide seamless integration across various devices and scenarios, ensuring a consistent and efficient user experience.

HarmonyOS NEXT: Unifying System Ecosystem

A key highlight of the conference was the introduction of HarmonyOS NEXT. This new iteration of the operating system has realized a unified system ecosystem, connecting multiple devices and multiple scenarios. By doing so, it significantly improves the performance of the entire machine, bringing users a full-scenario intelligent operating system experience. HarmonyOS NEXT employs a new system architecture, which enhances the performance of the entire machine by 30%. This improvement is a testament to Huawei’s continuous efforts to innovate and optimize its technology.

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Huawei Developer Conference 2024

Enhanced Security with Star Shield

In addition to performance enhancements, Huawei has also introduced the new Star Shield security architecture. This feature aims to bolster the security framework of the operating system, ensuring that user data and privacy are safe. With increasing concerns over data security and privacy, Huawei’s commitment to building a secure operating system is a critical step towards gaining user trust and establishing a secure digital environment.

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Advancements in Human-Computer Interaction

The new Hongmeng native intelligence also brings significant advancements in human-computer interaction. This includes more natural interaction methods and multimodal understanding, making the user experience more intuitive and responsive. Personalized exclusivity is another feature that brings intelligence that understands users better, tailoring the experience to individual needs and preferences. This approach ensures that the operating system is not only functional but also adaptive to the unique requirements of each user.

Full-Scene Intelligence for Efficient Collaboration

Huawei’s vision for full-scene intelligence is brought to life through HarmonyOS NEXT. This concept involves full-scene perception, efficient collaboration, and continuous service, allowing devices to work together seamlessly. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, or other smart devices, the unified ecosystem ensures that they can communicate and collaborate efficiently, enhancing productivity and convenience for users. The continuous service aspect ensures that the user experience remains smooth, regardless of the device in use.

Future Prospects

The Huawei Developer Conference 2024 has provided a comprehensive overview of the company’s advancements and future directions. With the full sprint for Hongmeng native applications, Huawei will likely strengthen its ecosystem and provide a superior user experience. The introduction of HarmonyOS NEXT, enhanced security measures, and advancements in human-computer interaction all contribute to a more robust and intelligent operating system. Huawei’s commitment to innovation and independence is evident in these developments.


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