Best video editor alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro

Best video editor alternatives to Premier Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro reigns supreme in the video editing world. This video editor comes with robust features, a vast user base, and seamless cross-platform compatibility (Windows and Mac). All these make it a powerhouse for creators. But let’s face it, the price tag can be a real doozy. A single app subscription sets you back $23 a month, and the enticing Creative Cloud suite, which includes Premiere Pro, can cost a whopping $60 monthly (with a year-long commitment).

Fear not, aspiring editors! There’s a world of exceptional video editing software waiting to be explored. Some offer similar functionality at a fraction of the cost, while some are free. Buckle up as we unveil four top-notch alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro, empowering you to embark on your editing journey without breaking the bank.

DaVinci Resolve – One of the best free video editors

DaVinci Resolve video editor

DaVinci Resolve isn’t only an alternative to Premiere Pro. It’s a serious contender for the title of best video editor. This feature-packed software boasts a price tag that will make you smile: free.

That’s right, free! DaVinci Resolve empowers you to create professional-looking videos without spending a dime. It’s no surprise Hollywood uses it. Blockbuster films like Bullet Train and Thor: Love and Thunder all benefited from DaVinci Resolve’s magic touch.

But DaVinci Resolve isn’t about color correction, where it shines. It offers a comprehensive suite of video editing tools, including proxy editing and keyframes. On top of that, it throws in Fusion, a powerful toolset for motion graphics and 3D effects. Need to create visual effects or composite elements? Fusion’s node-based editing and camera tracking have you covered.

Think of DaVinci Resolve as a one-stop shop, bundling the capabilities of Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition into a single program. The best part? You won’t pay a monthly subscription. There is a paid version, DaVinci Resolve Studio, that unlocks advanced features for a one-time fee of $295. But the free version provides everything most users need for stunning video creations. That includes support for 4K footage at up to 60 fps.

Where to download: Blackmagic Design website

iMovie and Clipchamp – Built-in Video Editors You Can Access for Free

For quick edits that don’t need fancy bells and whistles, look no further than your operating system’s built-in video editor. Both Windows and Mac offer easy options that get the job done without the need for downloads or hefty price tags.

iMovie – For Mac

iMovie video editor

A veteran in the video editing world, iMovie offers a solid foundation for basic edits. It provides a selection of title cards, themes, and transitions to add personality to your project. You can also work with two video tracks and make some color adjustments. Note that the options here are limited compared to more advanced software.

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One of iMovie’s strong points is its green screen support. While the control over the effect is minimal, it allows you to replace a green background with your chosen image or video. Plus, seamless integration with GarageBand lets you swap audio tracks between the two programs.

Clipchamp – For Windows

ClipChamp editor

As the successor to Windows Movie Maker, Clipchamp brings basic video editing functionality back to Windows. Like iMovie, it’s a straightforward program perfect for quick edits. You’ll find a selection of effects, transitions, and titles, along with two video tracks. Like iMovie, Clipchamp offers a basic green screen effect with limited control.

Where Clipchamp shines is its AI-powered features. The automatic AI editor can assemble video clips based on a chosen theme, providing a starting point for further editing on the timeline. Even more impressive, Clipchamp offers text-to-speech functionality with a vast library of over 400 voices. ANd automatic captions that you can fine-tune for accuracy.

While neither iMovie nor Clipchamp can compete with the extensive capabilities of Premiere Pro, they are excellent choices for simple edits or beginners taking their first steps in video editing. Before diving into more complex software, it’s a wise decision to experiment with these built-in tools and see if they meet your needs.

Final Cut Pro – Another Good Video Editor for Mac

Final Cut Pro Video editor

For Mac users seeking an alternative to Premiere Pro, look no further than Final Cut Pro. While it requires a one-time upfront cost of $300, you’ll own the software forever, eliminating the need for ongoing subscriptions. Plus, Apple sweetens the deal with a generous 90-day free trial, allowing you to test-drive the software before committing.

Final Cut Pro packs a serious punch, boasting features that rival Premiere Pro. It offers motion tracking, a comprehensive library of audio and video plugins (with extensive third-party options available), and in-depth color correction tools. Apple users will appreciate features like transferring edits from iMovie on iPhone or iPad to Final Cut Pro. You also get the ability to import footage from iPhone 13 and later with adjustable focus points. Additionally, Final Cut Pro supports exports of up to 8K resolution and allows you to leverage proxies for smoother editing.

If your needs extend beyond the core software, Final Cut Pro offers extra muscle through its paid add-ons, Motion and Compressor, both priced at $50 each. Compressor acts as a counterpart to Adobe Media Encoder, providing granular control over exports after you’ve finalized your edits. It also offers extra features like converting footage shot in common log formats. Motion delves deeper into Final Cut Pro’s compositing capabilities, empowering you to create 3D effects, apply realistic 3D rendering like lighting and shadows, and access plugins specifically designed for Motion.

Where to download: Apple website

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