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In today’s digital world, communication tools keep getting better, offering more ways to connect. WhatsApp, a top messaging app, now lets users send video messages. This feature is like sending a voice memo, but in video form, and can last up to one minute. Despite being available for almost a year, many users don’t know about it or haven’t used it much. WhatsApp is now pushing for more people to use video messages.

A Brief History of WhatsApp Video Messages

WhatsApp launched video messages in July 2023. At first, users sent video messages using the same button for voice messages, which caused confusion. To fix this, WhatsApp changed the interface. Now, there is a separate button for video messages. Users press and hold the camera-shaped button next to the text bar to send video messages. This change has made the feature easier to use.

Quick Replies Make It Easier

According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp is making video messages even better with a new quick reply button. This feature is in the latest beta version for Android ( It lets users respond quickly with a video message when they get one. This makes replying with video content as easy as sending a text or voice message.

How to Send Video Messages on WhatsApp

Sending a video message on WhatsApp is simple:

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  1. Open a chat with your contact.
  2. Tap and hold the camera-shaped button next to the text bar.
  3. Record your video message. You can switch between the front and rear cameras while recording.
  4. Release the button to send your video message.

This easy process ensures that anyone can start using the feature quickly.

The Impact of Quick Replies

The quick reply button for video messages is a smart move by WhatsApp to boost user engagement. By making it easier to reply with video, WhatsApp wants to make conversations more lively. Video messages add a personal touch that text or voice messages can’t match. They show facial expressions, tone, and context better.

Quick replies can make conversations more fun and interactive. This is great for users who already enjoy sending video messages on other apps, like Telegram. WhatsApp hopes to keep these users and get them to use more of its features.

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Looking Forward

The quick reply button for video messages is now in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. As more users try it, WhatsApp will get feedback and make improvements before a wider release. There is no set date for when it will be available to all users, but the positive feedback in the beta phase suggests it will be soon.


So, WhatsApp’s video messages and the new quick reply button show the app‘s commitment to better communication. By making it easy to send and reply with video content, WhatsApp is encouraging users to try this engaging format. Whether sharing a quick update, expressing feelings, or capturing a moment, video messages add a new layer to conversations. As more people start using this feature, it will change how we connect on WhatsApp.

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