Windows Update Warning: Patch Now or Face Black Basta Ransomware

There’s an important update for millions of Windows users, and the deadline is July 4th, according to Microsoft. This update fixes a security hole in Windows that hackers might be able to exploit. Just two weeks ago, the company released a patch to fix this hole, but security researchers at Symantec believe hackers might have already created a way to attack unpatched systems.

Black Basta, Another Threat to Microsoft WindowsWindows

On top of the Windows update deadline, there’s another cybersecurity threat to be aware of. A hacker group called Black Basta has been targeting businesses around the world. A recent government warning says Black Basta has already attacked over 500 organizations in North America, Europe, and Australia. This is a serious threat, so be sure to take steps to protect your business from cyberattacks.

The Black Basta hackers don’t just target government agencies. This group sells hacking tools (RaaS) to other attackers. These attackers have hit a wide range of businesses, including hospitals, factories, and big companies like Hyundai and ABB. Be sure to watch out for suspicious emails or activities on your computer systems to avoid falling victim to a cyberattack.

These threats are connected because security researchers believe the Black Basta group might have been exploiting the very security hole in Windows before it was patched! This is bad news for Microsoft, but good news for you if you take action:

  • Update your Windows system before July 4th.
  • Be extra cautious about suspicious emails or activity on your computer to avoid Black Basta ransomware.

Here’s the concluding part of the passage in simpler English:

Proceed to do the Update SoonWindows

Black Basta hackers have already made over $100 million by exploiting unpatched computers. It’s a risky bet to leave your Windows system unpatched!

  • Businesses: Follow CISA’s advice and update all your Windows systems by July 4th.
  • Personal Users: While the specific Windows issue might be less risky for you, it’s still a good idea to update your computer as soon as possible to stay protected.

By updating your Windows system, you can help keep yourself and your organization safe from cyberattacks.

Gizchina News of the week

An update from June (KB5039302) might cause some computers to get stuck restarting over and over. Microsoft says this update might stop some devices from starting up at all. If you use Windows 11, hold off on updates for now until Microsoft fixes this issue. Users are however advised not to be in a haste to update, at least for the time being.

It is worth noting that KB5039302 is not a mandatory update and is not a security update. It’s important to continue with your normal operations and not confuse this update with the security patch for the Microsoft Windows Error Reporting Service vulnerability. It’s highly likely that your Windows 11 PC will not be affected by this new issue. The restart loop primarily impacts enterprise machines running virtual machine tools and nested virtualization features, so home users are less likely to be affected. Users will still receive relevant updates as they become available.

The issues addressed by CISA’s warning were patched before the June release. Given the urgency related to the Black Basta threat, it’s important to note that even though Microsoft may have withdrawn KB5039302 for some users, you should still update your PC before the July 4 deadline.

Microsoft Urges Windows 10 Users to Upgrade to Windows 11Windows

The larger issue affecting Windows home users is approaching quickly, though the deadline is still over a year away on October 14, 2025. Just days before Symantec’s report, Microsoft once again urged Windows 10 users to upgrade to Windows 11. With 70% of users still needing to make the switch before next year’s end-of-life deadline, the challenge seems to be looming up. Microsoft’s notifications are now appearing on PCs worldwide to encourage users to upgrade.

When Windows 10 reaches its end-of-life, it also means the end of support. Users who do not upgrade or opt for a new, costly annual fee will no longer receive security updates.

Microsoft is urging all corporate and personal Windows 10 users who are holding out to upgrade their PCs before the end of support. End of support for Windows is scheduled for October 14, 2025. After this date, your desktop will no longer receive technical support or security updates. It’s a risk that’s not worth taking, especially with Windows.

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