Photoshop Lightroom Mobile Tips to Edit Photos Like A Pro

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom mobile tips

Ever scrolled through social media and marveled at those stunning phone photographs? The truth is, you might already have the tools to achieve similar results. Photoshop Lightroom mobile is a user-friendly app that unlocks the potential of your smartphone camera. This guide will equip you with essential editing tips. They will help you to transform your photos from everyday snapshots to pro-quality masterpieces.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned photographer or starting your mobile editing journey. These tips will help you elevate your photos and express your creative vision. So, grab your phone, fire up Lightroom mobile, and get ready to take your mobile photography to the next level!

RAW Editing on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

RAW photos on Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom mobile takes mobile editing a step further by allowing you to edit RAW files on your smartphone. RAW files capture a wider range of information compared to standard JPEGs, offering greater editing flexibility and higher image quality. This was a game-changer for me, especially during my travel-heavy days in 2019. Without access to a powerful computer, Lightroom mobile became my go-to editing tool.

It’s important to note that editing RAW files can be resource-intensive. While you’ll have access to most editing tools found in the desktop version, including color grading (we’ll delve into that later), exporting large batches of RAW files to your phone can drain your battery. In my experience, a single export session can consume over 20% of battery life.

Here’s the workflow: import your RAW files onto your computer as usual. Once everything syncs, open Lightroom mobile on your phone. With Wi-Fi enabled, your edits will transfer between devices, allowing you to unleash the full potential of RAW photography on the go.

Lens Correction and Chromatic Aberration

Lens correction

Let’s tackle some common smartphone photography issues. One handy feature in Lightroom mobile is the Lens Correction and Chromatic Aberration tools. These are lifesavers for fixing blurry edges or unwanted color fringes that can sometimes plague phone photos. They can also enhance images captured with traditional cameras.

Using them is a breeze:

  • Open the Lightroom mobile app and select your photo.

  • Tap the “Sliders” tab and navigate to “Optics.”

  • Activate the toggles for “Remove chromatic aberration” and “Enable lens corrections.”

With a few taps, you can significantly improve the clarity and quality of your photos.

Take Inspiration from the Community

Adobe Lightroom mobile community

Feeling creatively stuck? Lightroom mobile offers a hidden gem: the Community tab. Here, you’ll discover a vibrant hub of inspiration. Browse through a curated selection of photos uploaded by fellow Lightroom users. Filter by genre, whether it’s travel, landscapes, or anything that sparks your interest. The best part? You can even see how these photos were edited, allowing you to replicate their style or develop your own unique approach.

Here’s how to tap into this treasure trove:

  • Open the Lightroom mobile app.

  • Navigate to the “Community” tab.

  • Explore the diverse collection of photos.

  • To filter by category, scroll down and select your preferred genre.

Let the creativity flow! Drawing inspiration from others can ignite your editing passion and help you refine your own visual storytelling techniques.

Automatic Imports on Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Automatic imports on Lightroom

Imagine never having to manually import photos into Lightroom mobile again! This app offers a convenient way to automatically import new pictures directly from your device’s camera roll. This is ideal for photographers who primarily use their smartphones to capture images. But keep in mind that this feature might also import unwanted items like screenshots.

Here’s how to activate automatic imports:

  • Open Lightroom mobile and navigate to the “Community” tab.

  • Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner.

  • Select “App settings” from the menu.

  • Choose “Import” from the options.

  • Under “Auto Add From Device Photos,” toggle on the switch for “Photos.”

With this feature enabled, your latest photo adventures will be transferred to Lightroom mobile.

Color Grading

Color grading on Photoshop

Ever wondered how those captivating Instagram photos achieve their unique visual atmosphere? The secret weapon is often color grading. Lightroom mobile empowers you to become a color grading master, right from your phone!

This powerful tool allows you to fine-tune the hue and saturation in specific areas of your photo, like shadows, midtones, and highlights. You can even apply global adjustments to the entire image. This opens doors to a world of creative possibilities, from subtle mood tweaks to dramatic color shifts.

The beauty of color grading in Lightroom mobile is its versatility. It works on both RAW and JPEG images. Ready to unleash your inner colorist? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Open the Lightroom mobile app and select the photo you want to edit.

  • Tap the “Sliders” tab and navigate to “Color” followed by “Grading.”

  • Experiment with the color wheels for shadows, midtones, highlights, and global adjustments. Don’t be afraid to play around and discover your preferred styles.

With color grading, you can transform your photos from ordinary snapshots to captivating works of art that reflect your unique vision. So, grab your phone, explore the world of color, and let your creativity shine!

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