Useful Steam Features Not Many Gamers Know About

Steam features

Steam, the undisputed king of PC gaming platforms, boasts a massive library of titles and a vibrant community. But did you know Steam offers a treasure trove of features beyond just buying and playing games? Many fantastic tools go unnoticed, hindering your ability to fully optimize your gaming experience.

This guide delves into these hidden gems, transforming you from a casual gamer into a Steam samurai – wielding these features to maximize your enjoyment. So, settle in, and get ready to unlock the true potential of your Steam account.

Use Cloud Saves to Back Up Your Game Data on Steam

Cloud saves on Steam

Ever worried about losing precious in-game progress due to a hard drive crash or switching PCs? Fear not; Steam Cloud is here to the rescue! This fantastic feature automatically uploads your save data onto Steam’s servers, acting as a personal gaming vault in the cloud.

Imagine seamlessly picking up your epic adventure right where you left off, regardless of the device you’re using. Steam Cloud ensures your progress is constantly backed up, allowing you to switch between desktops, laptops, or even Steam Decks without missing a beat.

It’s important to note that not every game support Steam Cloud, but for titles that do, it’s a game-changer. Keep an eye out for this feature – it’s a true hidden gem for any Steam gamer.

Move Your Installed Games to Another Drive

Move Steam Games

Ever filled your primary drive with games, only to face the dreaded “Storage Full” message? Steam offers a solution so convenient, you might kick yourself for not knowing it sooner. The built-in disk migration tool allows you to effortlessly move games between drives without the hassle of reinstalling.

Imagine simply telling Steam to relocate a game from your overflowing C: drive to your spacious D: drive – all your progress and save data intact. This hidden gem saves precious time and frustration, letting you optimize your storage space with ease. So, ditch the uninstall-reinstall cycle and embrace the power of Steam’s disk migration tool!

Customizing Your Controls

Customize control on Steam

The age-old battle between controllers and keyboard-and-mouse setups continues to rage on. But the beauty of PC gaming lies in its versatility – you can use either, or even both! Steam’s controller profiles take this a step further by allowing you to tailor your controller experience to each game.

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Imagine remapping buttons on your favorite controller to perfectly match your playstyle in a specific game. No more struggling with awkward default controls! Steam even boasts a vibrant community hub where players share their custom controller profiles. So whether you prefer tinkering with your own setup or borrowing a pre-made masterpiece from the community, Steam’s controller profiles ensure a truly personalized gaming experience.

Steam Remote Play Makes It Easier to Play with Friends

Steam Remote Play

Missing the joy of couch co-op with friends when miles apart? Steam’s Remote Play Together bridges the distance, transforming local co-op titles into online adventures. Imagine enjoying classic co-op games with your buddies, no matter their location. Remote Play Together streams your game to their device, allowing them to join the fun seamlessly.

While not every game supports this feature, for compatible titles, it’s a game-changer. Fire up those local co-op favorites and let the laughter flow, even when separated by distance. Remote Play Together breathes new life into local co-op experiences, making Steam the ultimate platform for connecting with friends over shared gaming adventures.

In-game Screenshots Made Easy


Witnessed an in-game spectacle worthy of sharing? Steam’s got you covered! With a simple press of the F12 key (assuming the game supports the Steam Overlay), you can capture stunning screenshots, immortalizing your most epic moments.

Imagine effortlessly documenting hilarious glitches, breathtaking in-game scenery, or that hard-earned victory screen. Steam even categorizes your screenshots by game, making them easily accessible for future reference or sharing. Upload your masterpieces to the Steam community, sparking discussions with fellow gamers or simply bragging about your achievements. Steam empowers you to not only play games, but to share your experiences and connect with the wider gaming community.

Free Games on Steam

Steam on Tesla

Steam boasts a vast library overflowing with paid titles, but did you know it’s also a treasure trove of free-to-play games? While these gems might be slightly hidden, Steam’s powerful filter system empowers you to unearth them with ease!

Imagine sifting through countless titles to find the perfect free game – a thing of the past. Steam’s filters allow you to display only free-to-play games, excluding DLC (downloadable content) purchases. Refine your search further by specifying your preferred genres, ensuring you discover titles that truly pique your interest.

Feeling overwhelmed by choice? Steam can even filter out games with poor reviews, leaving you with a curated selection of the crème de la crème. So, unleash your inner explorer and delve into the world of free-to-play games on Steam – you might just discover your next gaming obsession, completely free of charge!

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