Best Free Steam Games to Play On Your PC In 2024

Free Steam Games

Steam has now become the go-to store for PC gamers. After all, it gets all the AAA releases and has some of the most popular games¬†that you¬†can play right now. But alongside the premium games, the platform also has titles that don’t cost anything. However, not all¬†of them¬†can¬†be regarded¬†as the best free Steam games.

There are some that will¬†just¬†be a waste of time on your end.¬†On the other hand,¬†there are some free titles that are¬†better than the paid games. The latter are the ones that you want to try out. Want some recommendations on these best free Steam games? Let’s walk you through some.

Counter-Strike 2 – Top Rated Free Steam Game


It feels almost criminal to start¬†this list with anything other than Counter-Strike 2.¬†This legendary title, released in late 2023, breathed new life into the franchise with its free-to-play model. Gone are the days of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s initial paywall. Valve made CS2 accessible to all from the get-go.

As for the differences, CS2 retains the core gameplay and features of CS:GO. But it comes with numerous improvements. New mechanics, stunning visuals, and a smoother overall experience are some of the notable changes. They make it a love letter to the classic FPS that gamers have cherished for years. And in 2024, thanks to its free-to-play status, the Counter-Strike experience is more accessible than ever.

Download Counter-Strike 2 Here

DOTA 2 – Best Free MOBA Game on Steam

DOTA 2 free steam game

Another crown jewel from Valve, Dota 2 continues to reign supreme as a free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) powerhouse. While League of Legends might hold wider name recognition, Dota 2’s impact on the genre is undeniable.

Debuting in 2013 with a free-to-play model (uncommon back then!), Dota 2 carved a unique space. It does share similarities with League of Legends. But Dota 2’s enduring popularity stems from its incredibly challenging gameplay. Mastering its intricacies offers endless depth and replayability. Of course, there’s a little steep initial learning curve. But if you can get past it, you will be up for the best times.

Download DOTA 2 Here

Team Fortress 2 – The Timeless Classic Game Free on Steam

Team Fortress 2 free steam game

Long before hero shooters became a mainstream phenomenon, Team Fortress 2 had already nailed the formula. Overwatch 2 might boast an impressive scale. However, for nearly two decades, TF2 has stood the test of time with its perfectly balanced roster of nine distinct characters.

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This focus on balance means no new heroes¬†are added¬†to disrupt the established meta. But don’t mistake that for a lack of content! New weapons and adjustments keep things fresh, ensuring TF2’s enduring appeal. The game’s quirky charm and the unpredictable, emergent gameplay that erupts in each match are testaments to its longevity.¬†Honestly,¬†it wouldn’t be surprising to see TF2 captivating players for another ten years!

Download Team Fortress 2 Here

Destiny 2 – Excellent gunplay and co-op FPS game on Steam

Destiny 2 Free Steam Game

Destiny 2’s initial launch in 2017 wasn’t the smoothest, but through years of tireless updates and refinements, Bungie has transformed it into a stellar free-to-play MMO shooter. New seasons, events, and meaty content drops are a yearly staple, keeping the experience ever-evolving.

One of Destiny 2’s greatest strengths is its cross-play functionality.¬†Team up with friends regardless of¬†their¬†platform ‚Äď raids and other co-op activities¬†become¬†a breeze!¬†But don’t feel pressured to team up; Destiny 2 thrives as a solo, PvE, or PvP experience¬†as well.¬†This depth and replayability make it a game you can revisit year after year.

While hardcore players might eventually crave the DLC for the¬†full¬†experience,¬†there’s¬†a surprising amount of content¬†that¬†is entirely free to play.¬†So, grab your friends (or go solo!), and become a legend without spending a dime!

Download Destiny 2 Here

Overwatch 2 – Another Free Hero Shooter Steam Game

Overwatch 2 free game

Overwatch 2’s transition to free-to-play might have been a contentious decision. However, one perk everyone can appreciate is its accessibility. Now, Overwatch 2 stands as the most expansive and feature-rich hero shooter available.

With a roster exceeding 30 diverse heroes, each brimming with personality, unique abilities, and distinct roles to master, Overwatch 2 offers a staggering depth of strategic possibilities. The developers keep things exciting with a steady stream of new heroes, maps, and innovative game modes. The result? An ever-evolving experience guaranteed to keep you engaged for the long haul.

Download Overwatch 2 Here

Lost Ark – Free ARPG and MMO Mix Game on Steam

Lost Ark

A few years after captivating Korean audiences, Lost Ark arrived on Western shores in 2022. This captivating title blends the thrilling action RPG elements of Diablo with the intricate world-building of an MMO. The result? This phenomenon skyrocketed to record-breaking player counts on Steam, surpassing even giants like Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Boasting a whopping 15 classes to conquer and a wealth of options for relaxation between battles, Lost Ark caters to a wide range of MMO enthusiasts. Whether¬†you’re¬†seeking a new MMO adventure or patiently awaiting Diablo 4, Lost Ark offers a compelling and entirely free alternative to satiate your thirst for epic loot and thrilling battles.

Download Lost Ark Here

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