WebOS Features Not Many LG Smart TV Users Know About

LG smart TVs are known for their user-friendly interface and innovative features. But what truly powers this exceptional experience? The secret lies within: LG’s WebOS. Introduced in 2014, WebOS has become a frontrunner in the smart TV operating system race. It is often praised for its focus on simplicity, speed, and seamless access to your favorite entertainment.

Imagine effortlessly switching between apps, live TV, and connected devices. That’s the magic of WebOS. Its minimalist interface revolves around a customizable launcher. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a movie buff, a serial streamer, or a smart home enthusiast. WebOS delivers a smooth and responsive platform to fulfill all your entertainment needs.

Many users might not realize that the operating system plays a crucial role in shaping their TV experience. But trust us, LG’s WebOS packs a hidden punch. In this article, we’ll delve into the lesser-known features of WebOS, transforming your LG smart TV into a powerhouse of convenience and entertainment.

WebOS + AI – Beyond Simplicity


LG’s WebOS isn’t just about a slick interface. It prioritizes accessibility for everyone. Take the Accessibility Quick Card, a hidden gem on WebOS 24. Tucked conveniently on the home screen, this card removes the hassle of finding accessibility features.

Imagine needing audio descriptions or subtitles – with the Quick Card, they’re just a tap away. But WebOS goes a step further. It even shows you what these options look like when enabled! No more navigating complex menus – WebOS makes accessibility clear and effortless. This is a major upgrade from earlier versions, where accessibility features were buried deep in settings, making them a challenge to find.

LG ThinQ App Is a Big Highlight of Your LG Smart TV

LG ThinQ App Smart TV integration

We mentioned LG’s ThinQ app, but it’s more than just a remote control replacement. ThinQ unlocks the true power of WebOS with AI integration. Imagine talking to your TV! With ThinQ, Google Assistant and Alexa are at your command, letting you control the TV and connected smart home devices with your voice – all effortlessly.

But ThinQ is more than just a voice assistant. It also tailors your viewing experience. Based on what you watch, ThinQ recommends shows and movies you might enjoy. Plus, it offers a central hub, your Home Dashboard, to manage all your smart home devices with ease.

ThinQ doesn’t stop there. It elevates your entertainment with AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro. These features analyze what you’re watching in real-time, automatically adjusting picture and sound settings for an optimal experience. Watching a movie? AI Picture Pro ensures vibrant colors and sharp details. Listening to music? AI Sound Pro delivers rich, immersive audio. ThinQ AI turns your LG smart TV into a personalized entertainment and smart home control center.

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Got a Question? The Built-in WebOS Chatbot is Here to Help

LG WebOS chatbot

LG’s WebOS doesn’t just look good, it’s helpful too! Tucked away is a clever feature – the AI chatbot. Need help finding a show, adjusting settings, or troubleshooting a minor issue like a dark screen? This hidden gem is your answer.

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This AI assistant understands both voice and text, making it easy to interact with. It can answer your questions, recommend content based on what you watch, and even help you troubleshoot common problems. Imagine struggling with a muffled sound – the chatbot can guide you through adjusting the audio settings in seconds.

The chatbot also works with Google Assistant and Alexa, letting you control your TV and smart home devices hands-free. With its natural language processing magic, the WebOS chatbot makes navigating your TV, discovering content, and managing your smart home a breeze.

Beyond Streaming Giants: The LG Content Store

LG Content Store

Sure, your LG smart TV comes with popular apps like Netflix pre-installed, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. WebOS offers a treasure trove of additional apps through the LG Content Store, waiting to be explored.

Think of it as a one-stop shop for customizing your entertainment experience. Craving the latest shows on Hulu or Disney+? The Content Store has you covered. Need a good dose of sports or news? Dedicated apps are just a download away.

But the Content Store isn’t just about apps. It also offers a library of movies and TV shows for purchase or rental. Fancy a movie night? Browse the vast selection and find the perfect flick without ever leaving your couch.

Magic Remote Versatility with WebOS of LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV remote

The LG Magic Remote is a familiar sight for LG smart TV owners, but did you know it has hidden talents? WebOS unlocks the full potential of this remote, transforming it from a simple pointing device into a multi-functional tool.

One of the coolest features is gyroscope control. Imagine using your remote like a conductor’s baton – flick your wrist and the on-screen cursor follows! Perfect for navigating menus and games that require precise movement.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. WebOS also enables voice commands through the built-in microphone. Want to search for a movie or adjust the volume? Speak your commands, and the Magic Remote does the rest.

These features combine to make navigating your LG smart TV a breeze. No more tedious button presses – the Magic Remote with WebOS brings a touch of magic to your viewing experience.

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