Apple’s Future Devices: What to Expect from New Home Accessories and Apple TV Models

Fans of Apple TV hardware may have to wait for an upgrade. Rumors suggest an Apple TV model might launch this year. However, hopes for a TV box with Apple Intelligence may be dashed. While the anticipation grows, there are other exciting developments in the realm of Apple’s home devices that are generating buzz.

New Apple HomePod

Rumors and Speculations

A discovery in code points to Apple working on a “HomeAccessory” device. This device might use the same chipset as the iPhone 16 series. These chips are set to run Apple Intelligence better than before. Recent rumors have mentioned the existence of the A18 and A18 Pro chips. This discovery has led to much speculation about what Apple is planning to introduce.

What is the HomeAccessory?

The rumored HomeAccessory is not a HomePod. It is also not an Apple TV. Interestingly, it appears to run a variant of tvOS. Some speculate it could be an iPad-like home robot. This robot might follow you around the home or desk. But this idea seems unlikely for now. The more plausible theory is that it could be a smart home hub, integrating various Apple devices for a unified user experience.

Code Discovery Details

According to MacRumors, Apple is working on a “HomeAccessory17,1” device. The name is similar to the AudioAccessory identifier used before. The “17,1” number hints at the expected A18 chips. These chips are rumored to be in the new iPhone models. This discovery suggests that Apple is looking to leverage the power of these new chips in its home devices.

Possible Device Features

The software is a variant of tvOS, much like the HomePod. Rumors from earlier this year mentioned a HomePod with a touchscreen on top. This could be the new HomeAccessory device. A device with a screen would make sense as it would allow for more interaction options and better control of smart home functions.

Apple Home View

Apple Robots: Fact or Fiction?

Mark Gurman shared insights in a report before the WWDC event. He mentioned a Siri revamp could lead to a future Apple robot. This robot might have a large iPad display and mimic human head motions. The device would be voice-controlled with an advanced version of Siri. While the idea of an Apple robot is exciting, it seems more likely that Apple is focusing on enhancing existing devices with AI capabilities rather than introducing entirely new form factors.

HomePod with a Screen

A large iPad robot for the home or desk is exciting but seems unlikely now. Such a device would need to run iOS instead of tvOS. Siri might get new AI powers via iOS 18, but this won’t happen soon. The Siri AI experience will still be in beta. However, a HomePod with a screen could be a step towards more interactive and versatile home devices.

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Future HomePod Developments

Gurman reported a HomePod with a screen product might come in 2025. It’s unclear if this is the iPad robot he mentioned. Maybe it’s a precursor? A HomePod with a circular touchscreen on top and Apple Intelligence is more likely. This device could serve as a central hub for controlling smart home devices, streaming media, and interacting with Siri in a more visual and intuitive way.

Apple TV Models in the Code

The code findings also revealed two unreleased Apple TV models. These models are AppleTV14,4 and AppleTV14,5. They suggest the 2024 Apple TV might use the same A15 Bionic chip as the 2022 models. This iPhone chip isn’t suited for Apple Intelligence. You need an A17 Pro or later for AI on iPhones. This indicates that while the new Apple TV models may offer improved performance, they might not include the advanced AI features that many users are hoping for.

The Waiting Game

Apple fans must wait for more concrete news on these devices. The tech giant is known for its secrecy. Until an official announcement, we can only speculate. The anticipation and the rumors keep the excitement alive, but they also lead to a lot of uncertainty about what exactly Apple will introduce next.

What to Expect from the New Apple TV

The new Apple TV models might bring minor upgrades. They could offer better performance but not the AI features some hoped for. The A15 Bionic chip is powerful but not designed for advanced AI. This means that while users might see improvements in speed and efficiency, the leap in functionality that comes with AI integration might still be some time away.

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Future of Apple’s Home Devices

The HomeAccessory device could mark a new direction for Apple. If it includes a screen, it might be a smart home hub. This could integrate with other Apple devices for a seamless user experience. Such a device could become the centerpiece of Apple’s smart home strategy, providing a unified platform for controlling and interacting with various smart devices.

The Role of Siri

Siri’s revamp is crucial for these new devices. Advanced AI could make Siri more useful and responsive. Voice control will likely be a key feature in Apple’s future home devices. As Siri becomes more advanced, it could handle more complex tasks and provide more intuitive responses, making it an even more integral part of the Apple ecosystem.


Apple’s future devices promise exciting developments. From a new HomeAccessory to updated Apple TV models, the tech world is abuzz. Fans will have to wait and see what Apple unveils next. The blend of new technology and improved AI could redefine home tech. Apple’s commitment to innovation continues to drive the industry forward.

As we look to the future, it’s clear that Apple is not just focusing on enhancing its existing products but also exploring new avenues to integrate AI and advanced technology into our daily lives. Whether it’s through a new smart home hub, a more interactive Siri, or enhanced Apple TV models, the potential for innovation is vast. The anticipation builds as we wait for Apple to officially reveal its next steps in transforming the home tech landscape.

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