Apple iOS / iPadOS player, Infuse pass ICP filing


On July 7, Apple Infuse gained a key approval. The player tool for Apple’s iOS and iPadOS passed the ICP filing by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information (MIIT). The filing number is “Shanghai ICP No. 2024080644.” The news was shared by the Infuse team, who also said they will keep updating the app in the Chinese App Store. This approval marks a big step for Infuse, allowing it to expand its reach and comply with local laws in China.


About Infuse

Infuse is a top player tool for Apple devices. It works on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS. Users can play videos stored on local drives, Macs, PCs, NAS, and cloud services like Alibaba Cloud Disk. The tool can also download movie and TV show data and cover images automatically. This makes managing and watching video content easy and fun. Infuse’s ability to seamlessly integrate with multiple storage options ensures that users can access their media libraries from various sources without hassle.

Key Features of Infuse Pro

The Infuse Pro version offers more features. It supports Dolby Vision (Profile 5 and 8) and Dolby Atmos. This means users get high-quality video and sound. Infuse Pro also supports AirPlay projection. Users can project their videos onto larger screens for a better viewing experience. Dolby Vision provides stunning visuals with enhanced brightness, contrast, and color, while Dolby Atmos delivers immersive sound that surrounds the viewer, making the viewing experience more engaging and lifelike.

Discount Offer for Infuse Pro

The Infuse team has launched a limited-time discount. Users can get a 20% discount on Infuse Pro. To get this discount, users need to apply for a discount code on the Infuse site. With the code, the yearly cost for Infuse Pro is now 18 yuan, down from 88 yuan. This offer is valid until July 9. The discount can be used only on iPhone or iPad. This special promotion makes it more affordable for users to access the advanced features of Infuse Pro, encouraging more people to upgrade and enjoy the enhanced capabilities.


ICP Filing Details

The ICP filing shows that Infuse is backed by Shanghai Yanmuhai Technology Co., Ltd. The service name is “Infuse – Smart Video Player.” This approval is crucial for the app’s growth in the domestic market. It ensures that Infuse complies with local laws and standards. The ICP filing is a mandatory requirement for any internet-based service operating in China, and securing this filing demonstrates Infuse’s commitment to adhering to regulatory guidelines and providing a reliable service to its users.

Benefits of ICP Filing

Having an ICP filing is vital for apps in China. It shows that the app meets local standards. This boosts trust among users and helps the app grow in the market. For Infuse, this filing means more users can access and enjoy the app. Compliance with local regulations not only enhances the app’s credibility but also opens up opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with other local tech companies, further solidifying its presence in the Chinese market.

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Expanding in the Domestic Market

With the ICP filing, Infuse is ready to expand in the Chinese market. The team plans to keep updating the app. This will ensure that users get the best features and support. Regular updates will also help fix any bugs and improve the app’s performance. Continuous improvement and adaptation to user feedback will be key to maintaining and growing Infuse’s user base in a competitive market.

User Experience

Infuse offers a smooth user experience. It supports various file types and plays them without any issues. The app’s interface is user-friendly. Users can easily find and play their favorite videos. The automatic download of movie data and cover images adds to the user experience. The intuitive design and seamless functionality make it easy for users of all tech levels to navigate and enjoy their media collections.


Infuse works on multiple Apple platforms. This makes it a versatile tool for users with different devices. Whether on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, or tvOS, Infuse delivers a high-quality viewing experience. This compatibility is one of the key reasons for its popularity. Users can start watching a video on one device and continue on another, providing a flexible and convenient viewing experience.

Supporting Cloud Services

Infuse supports various cloud services. Users can play videos stored on Alibaba Cloud Disk and other cloud platforms. This means users are not limited to local storage. They can access their videos from anywhere, at any time. Cloud support ensures that users have a backup of their media and can easily share and access their content across different devices and locations.


Advanced Features

Infuse Pro offers advanced features like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. These features enhance the viewing and listening experience. Users get clearer pictures and better sound quality. AirPlay projection is another advanced feature. It allows users to project videos onto larger screens, making it ideal for group viewing. The high-definition video and surround sound capabilities transform any room into a personal cinema, providing an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Special Offer

The limited-time discount on Infuse Pro is a great deal. Users can get the app at a much lower cost. This makes it accessible to more users. The discount is available until July 9. Users need to apply for a discount code on the Infuse site to get this offer. This promotion not only makes the player more affordable but also encourages more users to explore and experience the full range of its features.


Infuse is a top player tool for Apple devices. It offers a range of features and supports various file types. The recent ICP filing shows its compliance with local laws. The limited-time discount on Infuse Pro is an added bonus. Users can get high-quality video and sound at a lower cost. Infuse is set to expand in the domestic market, offering users a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and broad compatibility, Infuse stands out as a leading choice for media playback on Apple devices. As the app continues to evolve and improve, it will likely attract even more users, solidifying its position as a must-have tool for media enthusiasts.

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