Apple Watch Series 10: Big Changes Ahead

Apple Watch Series 10

This year, Apple plans to enhance its Apple Watch lineup. The Apple Watch Series 10 will showcase a larger screen, a sleek design, and a faster chip. However, Apple faces some challenges with the new health features. This article delves into the anticipated improvements and the hurdles Apple needs to overcome.

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Larger Screen and Slim Design

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has shared insights into the Apple Watch Series 10. Two models, with codes N217 and N218, will feature larger screens. The larger model will have a screen size comparable to the Apple Watch Ultra. This aligns with a recent schematic diagram, showing a 2-inch display, slightly larger than the Ultra’s 1.93-inch screen. Despite the bigger screen, the Series 10 will be thinner and lighter, maintaining a similar look to previous models.

A larger screen enhances the user experience by providing more space for apps and notifications. Users will appreciate the additional real estate for reading messages, checking notifications, and interacting with apps. The thin and light design ensures that the watch remains comfortable to wear, even with the larger screen.

Faster Processor

Both the Apple Watch Series 10 and the Apple Watch Ultra 3 will feature more powerful processors this year. Gurman noted that this upgrade could pave the way for future AI features. The new chips are expected to handle more complex tasks efficiently, enhancing the overall performance of the devices.

Faster processors mean quicker app launches, smoother animations, and more responsive interactions. This upgrade will be particularly noticeable in tasks that require more processing power, such as fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and other health-related functions. Despite these enhancements, Apple currently has no plans to introduce the full suite of AI functions to the Apple Watch.

Challenges in Health Features

Health features have always been a key focus for the Apple Watch. The Series 10 is no exception, with plans to introduce blood pressure and sleep apnea monitoring. However, Apple has encountered significant obstacles in developing these features.

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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Apple’s blood pressure monitoring technology did not meet the expected reliability standards during testing. These reliability issues might delay the release of this feature. Even if the feature becomes available, it will not show exact blood pressure numbers. Instead, it will display trends over time, similar to the current temperature feature.

Tracking blood pressure trends can still be valuable for users. It allows them to monitor changes and identify potential issues early. However, the lack of exact readings might disappoint users who expected more precise measurements. Apple will need to continue refining this technology to meet user expectations and ensure reliable performance.

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Sleep Apnea Monitoring

The sleep apnea monitoring feature is linked to blood oxygen data. Currently, due to a US trade ban, Apple does not offer blood oxygen monitoring on US Apple Watches. Gurman noted that Apple needs to resolve this issue by September or find a workaround. The company might argue that its blood oxygen sensor can be used for purposes not directly related to blood oxygen levels.

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Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects many people. Monitoring it through the Apple Watch could provide valuable insights and help users seek appropriate treatment. However, the current trade restrictions pose a significant challenge. Apple will need to navigate these hurdles carefully to bring this feature to its US customers.

Future Plans for Apple Watch

Bloomberg reported that Apple might launch an “Apple Watch X” to mark the device’s 10th year. This could represent the “biggest change yet” to the Apple Watch. It is not clear if this year’s model will adopt the anniversary edition name. Apple may wait until 2025 for a major update.

The Apple Watch was announced in 2014 but released in 2015. So, Apple might mark the anniversary this year or wait to launch a more significant update next year. An anniversary edition could feature new designs, exclusive features, and special branding to celebrate a decade of the Apple Watch.

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Expected Release Date

The Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 are expected to be released in September. They will debut alongside the iPhone 16. This timing aligns with Apple’s typical product release schedule, which often sees new devices unveiled in the fall.

A September release allows Apple to capture the attention of consumers ahead of the holiday season. It also gives the company ample time to address any last-minute issues and ensure a smooth launch. Consumers eagerly await this period to see the latest innovations from Apple.


The Apple Watch Series 10 is set for significant upgrades. With a larger screen, sleek design, and faster chip, it promises a better user experience. However, Apple faces challenges with the new health features, particularly in blood pressure and sleep apnea monitoring.

Despite these hurdles, the improvements in the Apple Watch Series 10 are noteworthy. The larger screen and faster processor will enhance usability and performance. Users can look forward to the device’s release in September, anticipating the new features and enhancements.

Apple’s continued focus on health and fitness underscores its commitment to improving users’ lives. The Apple Watch has become an essential tool for many, and the Series 10 will likely build on this legacy. As Apple navigates the challenges and refines its technology, the future of the Apple Watch looks promising. What do you thing about the upcoming Apple Watch 10 series? Will you like to own one when the device eventually arrive? Let us know your thoughts and idea about this device in the comment section below

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